Trädvy Permalänk
Aug 2011

Cooler Master Storm tropper

Just found this chassi and was like Wow,simply amzing, Sweet looking chassi, Loads of creativity with the fans and I am like iam going to get one but reading closer and looking on pictures i saw that the 200MM fan is too big so I can´t use my h80 Water cooler for my CPU! please tell me I am blind or just terrible at looking on these pictures.

This is how the H80 is looking in my current Chassi

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And this is a picture of the Storm tropper is looking from the inside, It does support x2 120 MM fans at the top but it would be a shame since the top fan is prob the most important one in the whole chassi since heat is going up not down. so I´d like all the air to go from the front and from the bottom cooling the GPU And goes out through the H80 and Top of the chassi with the 200MM fan at the top 120 at the front and x2 120 from the bottom.

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What do you guys think? Other wise I´ll just buy the HAF or Corsair 600T white or black! cause I know they will fit with the H80 Cooling system.
Thank you.