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Skriv changelog här 2011-11-02

Code v2.3 changelog

Featured changes:
Added a setting to remember sorting (like pings or players) when you load new server.

Added custom server filters (like max players) to the server browser.

Bug fix for the news menu item being changed to a link that doesn't exist.

Bug fix for too many join requests in auto join if a server reports that it has changed maps.

Started getting ready to add different language support in the next version.

Developer log (newest commit first):
added rememberSort mod
removed debug message in customFilters
moved set auto browse and click first of list to a different function for stability
changed customFilters to hide serverRows based on filters instead of deleting them entirely (errors)
added customFilters applied debug message
moved updateUI to coincide with customFilters
changed settings ticbox styling
added customFilters mod
changed settings ticbox click event type to live
added the ability to dynamically modify functions that have already been defined
added workaround for never ending join requests when a server reports that it has changed maps
updated menu rendering code (was using code from beta) news link is now corrected

Extension v2.2 changelog

quickfix-2 10/30/2011 9:54pm (EST):
fixed old versions of Firefox and Opera having issues.

quickfix 10/30/2011 1:30pm (EST):
fixed Firefox and Opera having issues.

Featured changes:
Completely re-worked backend the important code is now auto updated from the server, extension updates should be very rare.

Developer log (newest commit first):
fix for older versions of Firefox (and possibly Opera) that don't define console (quickfix-2)
fixed embedding in firefox having a scope issue with window.mods (quickfix)
creates dev build of chrome extension to be used for client-side development
completely re-worked backend production extensions load code from the server
-to create less update requests and quicker updating of the important bits

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Och var fick du tag på det här? Det känns inte direkt legitimt.

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Fortfarande inget party auto-join?

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