Jag kan inte få rätt på att forcera AA och SSAO i spel

Trädvy Permalänk
Sep 2006

Jag kan inte få rätt på att forcera AA och SSAO i spel

Gjorde ett inlägg på ett engelskt forum men fick tyvärr inget svar där, så jag hoppas det är okej om jag provar här. I alla fall har jag problem med att få AA samt SSAO att fungera i spel med Nvidias control panel och Nvidia Inspector.

Det här är vad jag skrev i det förra forumet.

Trying to get AA and SSAO to work with Assassins creed 1, but no luck.

Im becoming a bit frustrated over here. :/

GPU: Asus Geforce 670
Geforce drivers: 306.97
Nvidia Inspector Version:

Tried Nvidia Control panel by doing the following.

1) Click Manage 3d setting
2) Click program settings
3) Click on button add
4) Add assassins creed dx10.exe
5) Set the following
* Ambient occlusion to Quality
*AF 16x
AA Gamma correction ON
AA-mode Override any application settings
AA-Setting 8x CSAA
AA-Transparancy 4x Supersample
Texture filtering- Negative LOD bias Allow

After that the Apply button in the left corner by the cancel button. This is a no go when i start Assassin creed dx10.exe file

Nvidia inspector

Nvidia Inspector Version:
Geforce drivers: 306.97

1) Click the button Create profile Assassin creed dx10
2) Add application to current profile. Click to the Assassins creed dx10.exe file

Under compability

3) AO compability set to Fable lost chapters
4) AA-compatibility 0x000012C1

Under Antialiasing

5) No AA- behavior flags
6) AA-mode override any application setting
7) AA-setting 4xMultisampling
8) AA Transparency Multisampling on
9) AA Transparency Supersamplin 4x
10) FXAA off

Under Texture Filtering

11) AF filtering mode User defiened
12) AF setting 16x
13) Texture filtering LOD bais -1.375
14) Texture filtering Negative LOD bais Allow

Under Common

15) Ambient Occlusion setting High Quality
16) Ambient Occlusion setting On
17) Triple buffering and V-sync On

After that I press the Apply changes button on the top left of inspector window.

And also here no difference in the game.

Do anyone know what I am doing wrong, because its not the first time I cant get AA to work in games that other can.

And also thanks in advance for any answer, its much appreciated.