Kan inte göra uppdrag efter att uppdaterat GTA V

Trädvy Permalänk
Dec 2011

Kan inte göra uppdrag efter att uppdaterat GTA V

We're sorry to hear that you're having issues with GTA V on Xbox 360. Below you will find some Console Troubleshooting steps which may help resolve the issue.

Before troubleshooting, please check the following:

a. Turn the console off and on.
b. Unplug all power cords and accessories, and then plug them back in firmly. Make sure all connections are secure.
c. Update your console software.

1.) Clearing System Cache:
To clear the Xbox 360 cache select Settings==>System==> Storage ==> then highlight the HDD, press Y for Device Options… and then simply select “Clear System Cache”. Select Yes when prompted to perform Hard Drive Maintenance.
* = Deleting the cache will remove temporary game files and updates. Saved games, profiles, DLC etc will NOT be removed.

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