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Jan 2010

Söker 24" skärm för gaming

Hittar ingen tråd som stämmer in över vad jag är ute efter när jag kollar igenom forumet lite snabbt.
Passar på att fråga direkt istället.

Söker alltså en ny bildskärm för framförallt gaming, spelar mest Dota 2. Även en del film kommer att ses på den.
Gärna 24" med ett stabilt, ställbart stativ, kräver inga onödiga funktioner.

Prisklass <5000kr

Har ni några bra tips?

Tackar på förhand!

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Feb 2005

Jag slår ett slag för denna Benq xl2420t, har själv en funka kalas kan vrida och vända så gott som hur man vill och med många utgångar.

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Jul 2001

Eizo Foris 2421 om du nu vill ha hög uppdateringsfrekvens.
Enda icke-TN-skärmen förutom Koreaskärmarna (fast de har ju 2560 i upplösning).

Några användarrecensioner från amerikanska Amazon


Randomness (USA) - See all my reviews
This review is from: EIZO FORIS FG2421-BK 23.5-Inch Screen LCD Monitor (Personal Computers)
This is a great monitor for gaming purposes, perhaps the best one there is - it supports native 120 Hz refresh rate for less motion artifacts (less "blur") and for decreasing issues with traditional V-sync implementation in various games, it also allows you to enable optional "Turbo 240 Hz" mode for even more fluid motion, which gives you almost "CRT display"-like display smoothness (with a minor drawback of slightly increased input lag/delay, which is not really noticeable in majority of single-player or MMORPG/MoBA type of online games). It has better viewing angles than any TN monitor and much, MUCH better color accuracy (even uncalibrated... which you should do anyway) and especially contrast ratio. No other TN "gaming" monitor (such as the overpriced junk with 120/144 Hz refresh rate from BenQ/Asus - I've tried most of their models) can come even close to its characteristics, regardless of the price range.

Unfortunately these monitors have very severe issues with build quality. You can find huge amount of instances of people receiving these monitors with defects - defects like "crosshatching" (which looks like a very faint "stripes" of mesh-like pattern), backlight issues (which can appear as bright "spots" on any part of the display on the very dark backgrounds) or defective electronics (which can cause monitor to randomly reboot or shut down at random times). You can find 100's of such examples at enthusiast forums such as "[H]ardForum" or "" and others. Some people were more lucky and got relatively issue-free models. I, however, was also one of the unlucky ones. My particular unit had a severe backlight issues, with several large "blobs" of bright areas appearing on the right side of the monitor after the monitor was given sufficient time to warm up (about 15-20 minutes), clearly visible when I was playing games with dark backgrounds or watching movies with dark scenes. I tried to not pay attention to it but I really couldn't because it was so noticeable, especially considering the monitor's high contrast ratio and the fact that I like to play games and watch movies in a darkened room. So I had to return it for a refund - the monitor could not even be replaced by same model because the high rate of defects caused Amazon (as well as other direct resellers like Newegg) to not stock it anymore (it's now mostly available from private 3rd-party resellers). Which is very unfortunate because if manufacturing defects would be eliminated - this would be objectively the BEST gaming monitor in this display size segment.

So yea, if you are willing to play the "monitor lottery" and can find this model at a reputable reseller with good return policy - perhaps you should go ahead and try ordering it. Who knows, you might get lucky like some people did... Otherwise you should wait for a more reliable alternative based on similar MVA or IPS type of panels with equal or better characteristics (such as guaranteed 120/144Hz refresh rate). Or stick to "gaming" TN-based monitors, with their awful color accuracy, poor viewing angles and awful contrast ratio - after all plenty of "Pro g4m3r5" seem to be satisfied with these, so do the kids who buy these because they think it will automatically make them as "good" as "Na'Vi/TSM/OpTic Gaming" teams


I'm a long time refresh rate addict. I tried the 120Hz TNs as soon as they were available. I've gone through a few high end CRTs. Until now the CRTs were my favorites in spite of their aging problems and low-res for high-refresh. I can't praise the FG2421's picture quality enough. In contrast, black level and motion it's unparalleled among PC monitors, period. Colors are also a major step up from TNs. It's easy to get great white balance and gamma even without a colorimeter or the like. And I easily rank excellent contrast higher than perfect colors. Games or movies with high dynamic range are simply too awesome. Serious Sam 3 showcases it the best in my opinion.

Buyer beware though. My monitor was superb... other than randomly rebooting several times a day. You can search for owner threads on any forum and find many complaints for my exact problem, or big blocks of dead pixels, or hideous backlight bleed, and so on. I paid to ship it to Eizo USA for repairs versus a swap because I didn't want to risk getting one with worse problems. That took three weeks altogether from coast to coast.

You're playing something of a lottery. I guess that's the rub for choosing this over Eizo's professional model (DuraVision FDF2405W) which is almost ten times the price. At least their customer support was very prompt and accommodating. But I knew what I was getting into and have no regrets.

The menu controls could be better. I grope around a lot for the profile switch and brightness buttons, and sometimes end up switching inputs, adjusting volume for the empty headphone jack, or turning it off.


Stellar image quality combined with a strobing backlight and associated motion clarity.


1. Amazing brightness adjustability.
2. Overall motion clarity is great.
3. Semi-gloss AR film.
4. Strobing backlight built it, no messing with certain GPU brands, drivers, fixes/work-around's. It just works!
5. Great bonus features you only find on high end monitors.
6. Blacks and contrast ratios off the chart.
7. Great quality control seen in my three examples. All three have virtually zero back light bleed, haloing, and glow. All three monitors are pixel perfect and are very hard to distinguish between them in image quality.
8. 5-Year warranty.
9. Colors and overall image quality are good and remain good in 240Turbo backlight strobe mode.
10. Simple, attractive housing.

1. Pay to play. This is not a budget monitor, and was not designed to be.
2. Just a small hint of input lag. All strobing backlight monitors will have some input lag.
3. On some backgrounds, there is some smearing/ghosting.
4. No VESA mount.
5. Some very faint cross-hatching on light images.

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