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Jul 2004

Stora problem hos DFI

HappyGames skrev för ett tag sen ner vad som försigår hos DFI och hans egna tankar kring detta.


Originally Posted by HG

if you read any of this thread, you'd see more than a few phase users, so you should maybe read instead of just posting something without actually knowing what it is you are talking about.

from my posts so far, you are dead wrong that I am mad at the world, and should refer to the previous paragraph about reading before running off at the fingers (mouth) about what you THINK I am doing.

mad at the world?


worried about my job and rgone's job?

more than you can imagine.

they've already let go Jacky, head of our USA division. If I hadn't stepped up and actually called him and alerted him, he would have shown up tomorrow to work to find out he was fired...surprise surprise! Instead, he resigned before he could be insulted and embarrassed. They are trying to get rid of me and rgone because we cost too much money...which would leave you a total of TWO tech support persons in all of North America...and one of them is barely fluent in english, and neither of them know diddly-squat about overclocking and more importantly neither know diddly-squat about what YOU, the overclockers, want, nor do they know your mindset, your wishes, etc.

No one in TW has a clue except Oskar, and he's in his own little insulated world where he tests hand-picked cpu's and hand-picked ram on his own hand-made motherboards then can't figure out why we and thousands of customers can't get something to work (because we didn't use a $1200 cpu and $600 hand-picked RAM like he did).

If Rgone and I are no longer around, you will see a huge huge huge shift in how things go as customers. DFI will no longer have someone like us around to inform you of the reality of situations, no longer will we be around to help you, answer your questions, teach you the ins and outs of what these boards can do (or even must be done with/to them to get them to work proper right out of the box).

You'll lose this forum and end up having to send support email requests directly to either whats left of the USA office (where again you will get 1 fluent english speaking tech who knows next to nothing about overclocking, and one semi-fluent english speaking tech who knows absolutely ZERO about overclocking), or to TW support who will do to you what they've always done...send a screenshot back showing cpu-z and a single 3dmark2001 or 2005 etc benchmark and the famous quote they always give "it works for us".

It's bad enough you have to wait months and months, and sometimes never, to get a bios update to fix a problem.

Go to the ATI AMD section and find out how wonderfully happy customers are that the CFX3200-DR is still not working properly, the RDX200 never did work properly, and there's still no fix, and never will be a fix.

Then talk to those who purchased the NF3 939 Ultra-D (and at the same time, take a wonder as to why only about 100 of them were sold in USA before we told them to pull them as we wouldn't support them here).

Rgone and I are honestly the small, thin support that keeps DFI going, and keeps you guys feeling secure enough to keep purchasing these complex, finicky boards.

Imagine now how you'll feel without us around.

Most of you probably won't give a crud either first....until all of these things that you are used to and comfortable with (this forum, how we do things, how we help support you overclockers) are gone, and you are left with a simple email address and you try to explain to non-overclockers, non-tweakers, and mostly non-english speakers why your complex setup that cost you $1000+ won't work properly....and then you try to decipher the reply that you get...

mad at the world?


worried about our jobs?

most definitely

taking it out on the forum?


watching DFI destroy themselves over the last 2+ years after we had the top spot in the market because of horrible decisions and elitist attitudes that Rgone and I are stupid americans and know nothing about the industry?

yeah, it's frightening...especially when you see everyone else that has pretty much followed this same path before us (Epox anyone? there's many more examples if you really really want me to list them out for you).

being a jerk to you?


being realistic even if it's brutal and gets me in trouble or even fired?

that's just who I am. I tell you the truth, you decide if it's true or if you somehow know more than I do about what is going on and run your yap trying to convince others that you are a know-it-all and I am foolish.

The truth is the truth, whether you accept it or not.

Vid det här lagret ligger DFI-Street nere. :/

Kanske det är dags för mig och många av er att tänka om moderkortsköpet det närmaste tiden...

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Mar 2004


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Jul 2001

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