ROG V GENE inspired mATX TJ08-E by MetallicAcid

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Hey everyone! ROG V GENE is not's MOTM for May 2013!
Build log can be found here:

Thanks for all of the positive comments and Reviews. I have now been featured on the ASUS ROG Nordic Facebook page! Check it out!!

A new album to show off my completed mod, the ROG V GENE inspired mATX TJ08-e. I have an entire build log on another sight, so just send me a PM if you are interested in reading more into my log. I understand Swedish if you are uncomfortable with your English.

System specs:
Silverstone TJ08-e
ASUS Maximus V GENE Z77
Intel Core i5 2500K
Samsung 840pro 512GB
Corsair H80 with 2 SP120 quiet PnP (Push and Pull)
Corsair AX850w PSU
Lamptron Fc9

Temperatures with SLI setup. Please note that these cards are not overclocked.
GPU 1 (Top): 39c
GPU 2 (Bottom): 35c
GPU 1 (Top): 88c
GPU 2 (Bottom) 50c

If you are wanting to build a computer, but not sure how, please let me know, and I can help you. Heck, I can even build it for you! If i am to build it for you, I can also take high-res photos of your build and send them all back to you, so you can create your own album.

Thanks for reading.

Awards and commendations:
OCN's "Mod Of The Month" May 2013
Linus Tech Tips WAN show "Build Of The Week"
Featured on Rog Nordic Facebook page
Featured on Sweclockers Facebook page
Featured on Perfect PCs Tumblr page

Instagram: #metallicacidcustoms

512GB SSD located at the back of the motherboard plate. Held in place with simple double sided tape.

Custom 5.25 cover made from Aluminium, lit up from inside with LED's.

Completed build.

Corsair H80.

Lamptron Fc9.


Aluminium panel on the floor of the TJ08-e.

Completed build.

Custom Cables.

Completed build.

Dark room shot.

Dark room shot.

Dark room shot. More GPU cables.

Dark room shot. Inside the 5.25 bay area. Looks tidy to me!

Dark room shot.

Dark room shot. Cable routing.

Proof of concept. Testing if the design worked. It did!

RGB LED's to change the mood of the build. At any point, if I so choose, I can change the LED colours to whichever I want thanks to the RGB feature of the LED strips that I have installed. I can also change the rings on the Corsair SP120 fans, and re-sleeve the red cables on the PSU to change the look and feel of the entire computer in under 3 hours.

Everything starts with an idea... This is the light "crack" which can be found on the Z77 series ASUS motherboards that feature the SupremeFX III™ sound chip. I thought I would continue the this theme in my build.