Phase One - A H-Tower mod at DreamHack Summer 2017

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Hey guys!

I had the honour and privilege to build a modded PC with the support of the best manufacturers in the market, and be able to present this PC at this years DreamHack Summer 2017 at the Sweclockers booth.

This project is called Phase One and it is a modified In Win H-Tower. This is one of the largest and most outrageous cases on the market today!

This mod is called Phase One because this is the first phase of two. Phase One shows the internal modifications that I have done to the components, while Phase Two, which will start soon, will have modifications made to all of the outside panels of the chassis.

These photos are taken of the PC while it was on display at the Sweclockers booth. More progress photos of Phase Two will be published on my social medias, and the completed mod will be published as an official gallery here on Swec as soon as it is finished.

Please enjoy, and I look forward to your feedback.