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Tekken7 is a commissioned build requested by Bandai Namco Nordics, to celebrate the release of Tekken 7 on the PC. What better way to celebrate the PC release than to build a dedicated Tekken 7 PC that people can play Tekken 7 on this PC!!

The design inspiration was taken from the final lava/volcano level in the game. This is the final battleground between Kazuya and Heihachi, father and son, which concludes the family feud that has been ongoing within the Tekken franchise for many years.

The black surface of the chassis is hardened lava rock, the lines that are cut into the chassis are backlit with red and orange, and represent flowing lava which is seen through the cracks, and the inside where the components are installed pulsates with orange and yellow which represents the internal machine of a volcano.

I did not want to go too overboard with the theme as that is not really my style, so I played with simple forms and lighting to convey my design.

This mod took roughly 130hours total. From concept, to photography.

I would like to give a massive shout-out to all of these sponsors who continue to support my projects! <3

Mods performed:
- Custom mount for D5/res pump
- Custom cable routing holes cut into motherboard tray (Just to make things really tidy)
- Custom designed backplate, which has a UV printed design. This design was printed by ColdZero
- Unique custom water cooling loop which was made by drilling holes above CPU, and routed behind top reservoir
- Sleeved PSU cables
- Hand cut lines on front and top panels of the chassis
- Modded the Corsair Commander Mini so that it looked better and had sleeved cables
- Custom made Tekken7 front badge which is backlit
- Custom made Tekken7 logo light box, located inside the main chaimber. This is hand cut and brushed.
- Made custom lighting channels so that both reservoirs are backlit, showing off that sweet custom mixed Mayhems Aurora coolant
- Fabricated custom LED strip channels up top of the PC to direct lighting towards the lines on the top and front, and also hide the LED diodes from view

Motherboard - ASUS Crosshair IV ATX
CPU - AMD Ryzen 1700X
RAM - Kingston 32GB FuryX
GPU - 2x Radeon RX580
SSD - Samsung 960 Pro 512GB m.2
PSU - Seasonic Prime 850 Titanium
Cooling - EK Water Blocks custom loop
Fans - 5x Corsair SP120 RGB 120mm

In Win Nederland
ASUS Republic of Gamers
Seasonic - 海韻電子
G.Skill Global
Kingston Technology
Samsung Sverige
EK Water Blocks
Coldzero, Lda