8GB Armband läder USB Flash Drive

Trädvy Permalänk
Jul 2011

8GB Armband läder USB Flash Drive

This 8GB Brown Bracelet Leather USB 2.0 Flash Drive is ideal for trade shows or when you need to share or gather electronic data quickly with others. This silicone bracelet is comfortable, stylish and allows for quick and easy access to the USB flash drive for sharing files, photos, videos, pdfs, or any other electronic data.

New and high quality
Go anywhere with such an ornamental band made for your wrist or arm, and never worry again about how to keep your USB flash drive with you
Never take again, the risk of losing your flash drive by just holding it in your hand or putting it in any of your pockets
Don't even worry about which pocket of which one of your cloths has received your flash drive because it is already around your wrist
Let the kids play without losing their flash drives

Trädvy Permalänk
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Jun 2002

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