Press release, synpunkter

Trädvy Permalänk
Feb 2010

Press release, synpunkter


Jag studerar på BTH, vi ska göra en pressrelease med valfritt tema och allt. Jag skulle dock vilja ha lite synpunkter på det jag hittils har skrivit, tack på förhand. Tänk på att detta absolut inte är slutresultat och grammatik behöver fixas etc.

Thy glorious, adventures in water await you.

The opening of the spectacular waterpark named “Royal Flush” marks the start of a new reign.
No longer do you need to suffer the gazes of the decadent masses, no longer do you have to answer questions or accusations of non-importance like “when will I be able to eat?” or “You murdered my child!”

Karlskrona has been the last bastion of true monarchy since the glorious reign of King Carl Gustav. The location for the waterpark was therefore a crystal clear choice, with a loyal population of 35 212 people,
they should pose no problem at the opening ceremony Thursday the 25th of October 2012.

The opening ceremony will consist of various events, fun for the whole family is guaranteed. The kings will be able to enjoy a good hunt of endangered animals, the queens will participate in fashion sessions, meeting the finest tailors of corsets from all corners of the world. The kids will be provided a mock-army and the victor of their battles will sit on the iron throne.