Trädvy Permalänk
Sep 2014

Söker en bra CAD laptop


Take it in Swedish or English as I read Swedish well but don't type as good! I am in Göteborg and looking for a brand new laptop around the 7000kr mark for CAD with the following specifications;

CPU: Minimum quadcore processor with min 2,6GHz
RAM: min 4gb, 64bit
Graphics: min 512mb VRAM
Hard drive: SSD preferred but if a standard, then min 7200rpm
Battery: 5-8hrs would be good

Mostly until now I have used my laptop for microsoft office applications (word, excel, ppt, etc and I would like to have this as well), but I am interested to run a good CAD programme such as Catia, Inventor, etc. Until now I mostly review and advise on designs, but would like to start undertaking some design work myself.

Am I unrealistic in my requirements? Should I reduce my expectations or raise my budget? Let me know. I don't mind waiting a few days via mail for the laptop but I'd prefer to walk in and pick it up today.



Trädvy Permalänk
Jan 2008

These should fit the bill

Of those looks like the best choice, and it should be available at a couple of Göteborg locations.

Nevermind, I'm not sure about quad cores on laptops, dual core with hyper threading seems like the norm.

Trädvy Permalänk
Sep 2006

7K is a tight budget, my GF is an architecht at SWECO and she and her collages replaced their workstations with HP ZBook (AMD FirePro) docking to 27" monitors, working on Audodesk Revit/Autocad an Adobe CC