Trädvy Permalänk
Mar 2004

60% ISO/ANSI-HHKB Tangentbord

(översätter och gör det mer likt en bygglogg under veckan då jag inte ursprungligen planerat att dokumentera det överhuvudtaget

I guess someone could like the idea of this, it's my "endgame" layout after the last few months with altering boards between nordic iso, us ansi, HHKB ansi, Gon mobik´s HHKBish ansi and my very HHKB-like Infinity build.

one set with a single color from the Gateron PBT GB will cover the use of both left and right split shifts. (though i'll go for two sets of light gray/beige as i tried to match in the layout editor )

Winkeyless currently have a sale on their b.face pcb that'll handle the layout (Gon's Nerd 60 should work as well)
and since i'm planning on using this in a case with "floating keys" i removed the outer cutouts to make it as clean as possible, same thing with the stab cutouts since i'll be using cherry pcb mounts anyway

Link to layout editor:

so, basically this, but done right