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Aug 2009

The Quick Fix (itx 4790K build)

Här kommer min lilla uppgradering, ihopslängd för jag va tvungen att ha datorn samma dag för arbetsrelaterade saker. Den är dock på engelska men det fixar vi ju, annars finns ju google translate, blir lite små roliga fel i texten men ähh man fattar.

Nu kör vi!

So hey there! and Welcome to my Quick Fix build.

So my big "beast" is dead!

He got knocked over from his throne and landed on his face ripping the CPU socket holes "out" of the board cause the ShadowRock2 is one heavy block of cooling (cpu cooler cracked the PCB around then CPU socket =/ breaking copperpaths).
My little dog got scared from a "exhaustgasolineblowout" waking my big dog who was sleeping under my desk. He stood up and the desktop bounced-> my screen hit my shelf where my PC lived snapping two bolts and the PC went face first off the shelf missing the desk & the dog, straight into the oakflooring x-/...

Long story short, had to get a new MB & CPU, thought why not do the switch from AMD to Intel now instead of after the christmas holidays. But the local "PC Enthusiast" Shop didn't have any x99 stuff at all (they didn't think someone in this little town (about 50000 ppl) would buy this type and grade off PC hardware) they hadn't even gotten the Skylake stuff sorted or even logged in the system.
But they did have some z97 and DC Stuff. I got a really nice deal on the MB and CPU so actually I'm quite satisfied with this Quick fix =D

I went from a FX8320, ATX Motherboard, 16GB RAM and sli GTX 670s to a i7 4790K, ITX Motherboard, temporary 8GB RAM and just one GTX 670 and there is still a huge difference in the performance and power of this little Beast build.
Still testing this little gem out, might get a new GPU now that I have made the switch.

And here we have some Pic's to make this build a little more fun to read and watch haha,...

First we have the new Parts, a quick test setup and hopefully it boots!

what's in the box?

what is it?



and we are in!


more packaging.

and its out of the box!

cosy, really love how Asrock ships their MBs.

test RAM, they wont fit with the SR2 =/.

The Brain of this little beast, aint she beautiful.

Time to buckle up!

and we are in!

stock cooler doing its job, and now it's a nice coffecoaster.


So got it up and running, installed it in my Bitfenix Prodigy
(I won it and some accesories a couple of years ago, it was a concept art/theme contest thing on and I'm hopefully gona try this year to actually get it done cause now i actually got some parts,...)

started with a Cooler Swap to my MB Killer SR2, it's huge!
First I needed something from my stash,...


Cooler On, the MB looks tiny now. (dont worry about the green fluffy carpet, I'm standing on a ASPWF "AntistaticPortableWorkFloor", made from a piece of mdf and covered in some kitchen tiles)

Needed to make 2 cuts in the case cause my old psu is 176mm long without cables attached and the prodigy only has 180mm of space were the PSU would sit, I also flipped the front and made a quick&dirty holder to the fancontroller.

Go big or go home.


almost straight.

And this is how it sits right now, just throw everything in it so that I could start with my work again.

Hopefully You haven't fallen asleep.

The specs. are in the signature.

That's all for now, I'm gona benchmark it tomorrow and ofc post the results here.


And sorry if I'm not the best at writing in english, I'm from Sweden so english ain't my spoken language.

i7 4790K, BeQuiet! SR2, Asrock z97e-itx/ac, HyperX FURY 16GB,
R9 380 4G, Raid-0 3xKingston ssdNOW300V 120GB,
Bitfenix Prodigy, OCZ ZT 750W