Trädvy Permalänk
Aug 2014

Steelseries Rival Problem

Tjena jag har ett jätteskumt problem med min mus, lite svårt att förklara men hittade en kille som har exakt samma problem som mig. Här kommer problemet fast på engelska...

For the last years my system worked fine. A couple of weeks ago - I can't remember any special circumstances - it suddenly happened that I couldn't activate one or more windows with mouse clicks - or drag/resize them. It seems the "active state" switches back and forth between two windows or "levels" (when there is only the taskbar and the desktop) with each click, somewhat similar to ALT-Tabbing.

Opening and closing the task manager temporarily solves the problem.

It happens randomly and in random intervals. It happens even right at start-up so that I cannot click on icons in the quickstart menu.

While I e.g. can use the mouse clicks on desktop items, the items in the taskbar won't react - or vice versa.

I run windows with - say - standard applications, my system is always up to date, I have no fancy programs/hardware installed other than stuff from renowned companies as Microsoft, Adobe, Mozzilla, Skype, Logitech, nvidia-Drivers etc. and one or two games. A virus check didn't reveal any problems. While playing a mouse driven game I didn't have problems so far, only on desktop.

I tried closing windows processes, but the 2 or 3 I can close with still being able to use the computer seem to have no effect.