Steam Community related question

Trädvy Permalänk
ROG Community
Aug 2010

Steam Community related question


Got a question. If somebody has been "following" you on Steam, using the follow option... are you still in his section
of followed users if he gets community banned? All I know is that his entire screenshot section went down, but not his
friends list. I was not his friend, since I once blocked and removed him. I don't know if blocking someone from Steam
also makes them unfollow you automatically? Does it?

This person was a real stalker that just enjoyed spending his days harassing ppl with spams and posting up personal
information about others, like their full name, their Steam ID's fully visible to the community on groups, on his
screenshots and such.

I'm glad he got community banned, cause he really deserved it... but I wish I could know how it really works practically?
What can they do / see and not?

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