Hjälp med Rasterization Hermite splines

Trädvy Permalänk
Sep 2016

Hjälp med Rasterization Hermite splines

Det är så att jag fastnat på en del frågor men ändå lyckats få koden korrekt.

såhär lyder instruktionerna:

Practical 1
Hermite splines

Problem 1: Rasterizer - DDA1

A simple method for rasterizing line segments (i.e. lines between two vertices
v0 and v1) is called DDA.
The idea of this algorithm can be described as follows:
Iterate over all the x-values (in screen coordinates!) between the x-coordinate
of v0 to the x-coordinate of v1.

In every step, the y-value has to be updated by adding the slope of the line to
y: y = y +slope. The coordinates of the next cell to 'll with a color' are x and
the rounded y-value

och dessa är då frågorna som jag inte lyckats svara på:

1. In the method, the slope of the line is used to calculate a new y-value:
a. What datatype is suitable for this variable if one should implement the
algorithm in Java?
b. Is the method for computing a new y-value (i.e. y = y + slope) correct?
c. What datatype is suitable for storing the x-coordinate?

d.Is it possible to render arbitrary line segments
with this method, or do you see limitations? Explain!
In case you found limitations: Propose changes in the algorithm to make it
usable for at least one more case!
Hint: What happens if the line is vertical, i.e. x0 = x1?

Figure ;
Algorithm DDA:
Takes two vertices v0 och v1 as input.
slope = y
x = v0:x
y = v0:y
Raster[x][round(y)] = 1
x = x + 1
y = y + slope
While x < v1:x