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Aug 2005

Zisworks 4K 120Hz

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4k120Hz diplay FAQ

Can this drive panel X?
If panel X is M280DGJ or V390DK1-LS1 then yes, otherwise no.

What is image quality like?
Image quality in the 4k modes is basically the same as any other monitor using this panel (only one 28" 4k panel was mass-produced)
Image quality in the fast modes is very minorly degraded, but still good overall.

Are lower resolutions fuzzy??
No, integer scaling is used, so the display is always sharp. Subpixel-aware rendering (truetype fonts) do not have the desired visual effect and should be disabled.

Does 10bpc require lower refresh rates?
No, 10bpc is supported without reducing refresh rates, including 4k120Hz.

Are both DP inputs needed?
Both DP inputs are needed for the 4k120Hz mode. 4k60, 1080p240, 720p300, and 540p480 all only require one DP input.

What is the highest resolution 120Hz that one DP can handle

What is the highest refresh rate at 4k that one DP can handle

What's the deal with chroma subsampling and display stream compression?
Neither scheme is used, 30bpp in the RGB colorspace. Chroma subsampling (often labled as 4:2:2 or 4:2:0) does not apply to the RGB colorspace

Can it be overclocked?
Not really, the TCON is already pushing the limits of what the panel can handle.

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