[SQUAD] PTFO Northland nytt svensk community med egen squad server.

Trädvy Permalänk
Feb 2015

[SQUAD] PTFO Northland nytt svensk community med egen squad server.

PTFO Northland hostar en ny 80 mans server, vårat mål med vårat community är att få tillbaka samarbetet och den taktik som var i Squad som en del upplever som förlorat efter den allt frekventare free weekend och 50% off deals som har varit. Vi välkomnar nya spelare och veteraner som söker efter en server med aktiva SLs som vill samarbeta och inte bara göra sin egna grej.

Server regler nedan

Achieve this by;

1. Respect other players and be polite!

2. No intentional team killing - Apologise in "All" chat for any accidental team kill. Requested TKs are also to be apologised. Revenge is not allowed.

3. No discriminative, racism, sexism or abusive voice or text in any form is permitted - including squad/ player names.

4. Squad Leaders must have a microphone and communicate, both in own squad and with other squads (English or Swedish).

5. Hacking of any kind will be punished by permanent ban from the server.

6. No form of advertisement is allowed, not in text, not in voice and not in squad/ player names.

7. Recruitment of players to other clans/ servers are only allowed within your own squad, not in “all” or “team” text messages.

8. Join a squad, unassigned and idle players may be kicked to give room for others. This also apply for players continuously not cooperating with his or her squad (“Lone wolf”).

9. Attacking beyond the last capable flag is not allowed.

10. Text in Cyrillic letters are not allowed - not in chat, nor in squad/ player names.

11. Only squads with six or more players may be locked. If the purpose of the squad is to man a specific vehicle or mortar, etc., a squad may be locked with fewer players. If so – the squad name must state such specific function (eg.”2 man Stryker squad”).

12. Players are encouraged to help less experienced players with understanding the game.

13. Admins may kick or ban players that are being disruptive to the gameplay.

14. In a case of heavy unbalance - Admins may force players to change team in order to promote a balanced match. Admins may also direct a team to fall back. This aims to increase the dynamics of the game and thereby the fun for both teams.

15. If needed an admin can impose “Seeding rules”. This will be stated through a broadcast message.

16. Seeding rules:
o Only fight over the flag/flags specified by Admin.
o Enemy FOBs are not allowed to be engaged.
o FOBs, stationary weapons, fortifications, etc., are not allowed within 150m from the active flag/flags.
o Vehicles are only allowed to be used for transport/ logistics, not for engaging the enemy.
o Admin will declare at what number of players seeding rules no longer apply – when the server goes “live”.
o When the server goes live this will be stated through a broadcast message. A warning message may be sent prior to the server going live.

Any breach of these rules may result in kick or ban. Admins will always strive to warn before such action but in clear cut cases of abuse of the rules - kick or ban may be imposes without prior warning. All kicks/bans will be logged with reason.

If an Admin is not available, please contact us through Discord (chatroom “contact-an-admin”) or by posting on https://ptfonorthlands.enjin.com/forum/m/48495828/viewforum/9... and we will respond as quick as possible. If you think you have been unfairly kicked or banned you are also welcome to address this in the same chatroom.

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Rig 1: Z170A MPOWER, i7 6700k, 2x8GB 3200MHz , 980Ti Sc+, m.2 960 Evo 500GB, 2x850 Evo 500GB.
Squad server: Asrock z97, i7 4790k, 16GB DDR3 @2400MHz, 850 Evo 500GB