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Apr 2018

Grafikkort med EFI


Jag behöver en grafikkort med EFI för min MacPro 5,1 med Mac EFI.

Jag har rx560, men det finns inte EFI för MacPro. Jag kan inte uppdatera till Mojave.

Jag ska flash mig själv.


(Förlåt dålig svenska, jag är kanadensk.)

Trädvy Permalänk
Feb 2019

I write in english to avoid any misunderstanding(to avoid oh im bad at swedish so i didnt understand what that meant i lost all my important photos). I used to run mac os on a couple pcs also called hackintosh and its possible to hack/trick mac os to work with hardware it wasnt meant to work with.

First update to macOS 10.12.6 or later then do a full system backup so you can restore in case something goes wrong.

then follow this guide step 3 (and maybe follow step 5 7 and 8) you can try to get clover to work on a real mac (its set up for hackintosh by default) but it might be a lil tricky so try installing kexts manually first it should work
According to this article you can hack macOS 10.12.6 or later to work with AMD polaris graphics cards. Do it on your own risk,do a full
backup in case something goes wrong. you maybe need to disable SIP (system integrity protection) for osx to boot so read how to do that before you do anything.

They give you a warning first "Warning: Don’t do this unless you have a very good reason to do so and know exactly what you’re doing! Most users won’t need to disable this security setting. It’s not intended to prevent you from messing with the system — it’s intended to prevent malware and other badly behaved programs from messing with the system. But some low-level utilities may only function if they have unrestricted access." It increases risk of getting hacked but i guess not that much if you have a properly set up router and firewall,understand how computers and computer viruses work and use common sense when browsing the internet or downloading apps.

Also when updating osx after you done this theres a increased risk of osx breaking,so backup before updating osx. Also you might need to disable sip again if you had to.

Forgot that you maybe have to turn off SIP (system integrity protection) for osx to boot. also after you done the mod if you update osx theres an increased risk of it breaking so backup first. also forgot that the guide uses clover to inject kexts.