Kernel power BSOD Bugcheckcode 292

Hi everyone, ive recently bought some new parts, i9-9900k, 5700 xt, z390f motherboard. I've had kernel power errors recently and im so done with it, i had it on my old computer and its so damn annoying. What ive done is
• reinstalled windows
• drivers
• reseated graphics card, checked cords
• temps are good
• stress tested without any issues (only for 15 minutes)
• Updated bios, aswell as resetting, i had xmp on
• some small adjustments i found on youtube ( video )
Ive googled a lot and tried a lot, and that may have caused more problems. Because today when i started i got a bsod which was whea undetectable error. That may have been caused cuz i restarted the pc while it was loading in for some reason, i was kinda stupid (not sure if it caused the bsod because the data may have been fucked) but im in the computer right now and its working well outside of all this. I would love to get any form of help, i have dump files for anyone who is experienced with it.
Dumpfile :!qwhmEajZ!e-pf99mqpygtViNc2__XeQ
Memory dmp : trying to share it but it says it need special requirements or whatever, if somebody knows how i could upload it let me know.
If there is anything else you need just let me know and i will answer as fast as i can, i really appreciate all the help.

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