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Warhammer 40k: Astartes - En av de mest välgjorda sakerna i existens

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Okt 2006

Warhammer 40k: Astartes - En av de mest välgjorda sakerna i existens

En av de mest fantastiskt häftiga och välgjorda sakerna i existens:
Astartes - fanfilm extraordinaire!
Allting händer så snabbt och tätt i sekvenserna/scenerna att du kommer missa typ 9 av 10 detaljer på första titten! ;D

Astartes - Warhammer 40,000 Fan Film Teaser
Astartes - Part One
Astartes - Part Two
Astartes - Part Three
Astartes - Part Four
Astartes - Part Five

Om någon blir intresserad av universumet, rekommenderar jag spelen Dawn Of War 2 (+ expansions) och Space Marine!
Fler av spelen:
Om du har frågor/funderingar från videorna, bifogar jag min mindre och frivilliga diskussion/analys nedan. Men se videorna först i vilket fall.

Astartes Part Five - believe to have plot figured out!


(TL:DR, read t bottom, from the "short" transcript)

T key to understanding everything about t plot is in and around t Orbs-conversation!
( Coming from this amazing thread by u/Protoculture_11, )

Orb1s: smaller one, captured, restrained, is being held on an Imperium ship.
Orb2b: bigger one, just discovered/encountered, in Vault02 on t newly-boarded rebel ship.
( Btw, golden psyker twins can be called, nick-named: "Dexter" and "Sinister" )

I personally take it t orbs know about something terrible coming and were acting on that knowledge.
T empire is very narrow/tunnel -sighted and rigid in beliefs and thereby actions, thereof: orbs <=> xenos => hostile <=> enemies.
I don't necessarily assume t orbs to be ill-intentioned or hostile, it may be t case they are trying to warn about what they have come to know. All t while being treated as enemies.
This would be poetic and complexity. And t author behind Astartes shows true and deep genious through all of t details going into his creation, both in backthought as well as in t execution of t work itself.
It is also possible that t Psyker gleamed/stole those images/information/thoughts when Orb1s broke its silence. This is btw likely t Psyker's task; primarily: to try penetrating into Orb1s mind, secondarily: wait and listen for any activity.
T primary objective likely not possible due to Orb1s being in "lockdown-sleep" and "radio silence" presumably precisely due to being captive and attempted to have mind be "read"/probed.
When "radio silence" is broken, t Psyker twitches; imagine waiting a very long time, highly focused on listening to silence awaiting anything that that would break it - one would go into a meditative, half-asleep state, this would perfectly explain t first twitch when suddenly "radio-silence" is broken.

So the only way to break this down is in detail, scene by scene with timestamps.
Heavily modified and added to original breakdown by u/Protoculture_11,

Part One

"482 M39 - The Argosa uprisings have been checked. Retributer Astartes now assist the hunt for fleeing leaders of the rebellion".

So this clearly sets us in 40k territory, and not anything else like 30k or DaoT. Argosa seems to be a complete fanfic as google has nothing on this.

at 0:08 you see a space marine ship, looks like a smaller ship, maybe a light cruiser to me.

at 0:14 you see our space marines squad walking in the hallway, looks like they are ready to go into their boarding ship.

at 0:17 I believe a flashback; you see our SM squad going over their mission, looking at a red dot in planetary orbit, in an asteroid field, red dot being the target ship.

0.20 back to walking.

0.21 you see a taller person walking among normal sized dudes in the background.

0.22 our SM squad awaiting in a ready-room, before entering t boarding-torpedo, to be shot into space for some boarding action

0.24 Another flashback I believe; interesting scene here and I think may be very important. At first thought, this is just part of their pre-combat ritual where they bless the weapons. However, Inquisitor symbol on the chain with the incense over the bolter, but SM armor hand holding it.

0:27 entering t boarding-torpedo.

0.32 we see the boarding-torpedo take off. Here we see the asteroid belt in orbit of the planet linking back to the radar picture from 0.17.

Part Two

0:05 Note the 2 round sacrificial droids on left and right, designed to take hits for the boarding ship. And t fighter escort that breaks off and charges ahead towards t far left.

0:14 As soon as boarding torpedo is visible target ship fires engines accelerating and fires a missile volley.

0:22 Escort fighter comes from left flank, fires two missiles who kill t engines with internal cascade damage causing sparks all over t target ship. Flies past drawing fire from t top turret.

0.28 we see the target ship. This is not a ship type I recognize and will assume its generic Imperium and not military.

0.38 SM arrive and rip stuff up. Its awesome but not integral to understanding part 5.

Part Three

0.02 we see our psyker bros. One is missing left arm and one is missing right arm.

0.07 we see a closeup of a face. The gold pattern is the same as partially assembled "man of gold" and the spheres. This dude has 2 eyes and is standing in front of the spherical vault marked "02".

0:32 notice rocket being fired from behind t barricade.

0:49 one of our 5 SMs, presumably t last one, breaks into t room right next to t two hooded ambushers, then 2xBLAM, gets splatter.

1:07 likely a suicide-bomber with a powerful explosive charge in hand.

1.18 twin multi-laser with shield and targeting video-display set up very strategically. but because the SM are too scary, panics as soon as SM turns corner and shows on display, so you see some epic friendly fire. This is though very light dmg on SM armor so he stands and fires 3 bolt-pistol rounds ineffective against shield, quickly adapting new tactics B: throws smoke-flash getting behind corner for cover. Chipped armour guy is our hero and becomes marked by the hail of lasers/bullets.

Part Four

0.03 we see psyker bros again, Dexter and Sinister.
D has both eyes and a right arm.
S has a left arm with a baton and seems to be missing his right eye.
For battle sequence let's say vault is "south".

0:23 2 are up on t railing east.

0:34 2 are on opposite side of t room west. one runs off anticlockwise to flank from south.

0.40 Alpha/hero SM makes his move from north.

0:46 Railing gets psyker-shockwave blasted.

0:48 Alpha fires 2 plasma-pistol shots as further distraction and cover.

1:02 S emits shockwave originating in his augment-spine, an as amazingly impressive as fast-flashed detail here, it can be seen traveling along t floor AND deflecting, completely redirecting traveling bolter projectiles! (T attention to detail - just wow!)

1.12 bolter makes it past the energy shield and shoots S, no damage seen from the shot, S gets distracted, D notices, probably through psychic link, saves S last moment, starts working on punishing Alpha.

1:30 D occupied notices SM from south last moment, has enough time to react and disarm one arm, but not t second - gets knife through head and psychic-augment broken in half...

1:33 ...this triggers a psychic-link backlash shocking and incapacitating S, Alpha no longer telekinetically restrained...

1.44 All of our 5 SMs walk towards the spherical vault marked "02" (t psyker shockwaves seem to have done NADA, all 5 ALIVE UNSCATHED, must say unimpressive). Remember, this is on the generic looking imperium ship.

Part Five, now events and plot get really thick and confusing

0.15 we see 2 ships we haven't seen before. T following scenes will be from one of them.

0.19 we see some Imperium insignia on the guys manning the monitors and space marines. On screen, they see the spherical vault marked "02" and the Inquisition Psyker connected to thick wires.

0.25 we see bald guy with helmet and beaky walk down a hallway and into the psychic isolation chamber with the Inquisition Psyker.

0.32 we see an Orb1 restrained in a chained cage. This is a containment device with cylindrical devices having moving parts, indicator lights and thick cables connected, cables also connected to Psyker, most likely a psychic interface. Slightly possibly also contain some sort of kill-switches. In t background to t right is a third Orb hanging, dim, cables cut, most likely dead/killed.

0.47 we see inquisition psyker.

0.50 he is praying but you see his chain and incense ball. Remind you of 0.24 from Part 1?

1.06 fade to black transition and now we are back on the generic Imperium ship now with Alpha SM just opening isolation chamber "02".

1.19 5 SM walk in, seems like some chilly smoke, one of them steps on something which shatters like glass. No idea what this is or where it came from. I feel like this is important but I'm too dumb to figure it out. Exhaust from power-packs forms chilly smoke.

1:33 Cylindrical walls with devices? Cannot make out what this is.

1.45 we see the "man of gold" with same material and inscriptions as t Orbs, he seems to be hollow and under construction, missing a right leg, right arm and right eye. We see spines and skulls in the background.

2.10 we see Orb2, similar to said material.

2.15 seems Orb2 "wakes up" with a tiny flicker, then energy pulse.

2.25 whispering.

2.30 "Astartes"

2.33 whispering very briefly along with pulse.

2.36 Whispering again.

3.08 inquisition stamped injectors of some kind come out.

3.16 stabbing of the sphere. Seems to inject something that disables blue electric power. No idea what this is for.

3:52 Orb1 wakes up with a tiny flicker, Psyker patiently and focusedly awaiting any activity gets surprised, flinches slightly.

3:55 I wouldn't necessarily take t black smoke as protection from t Emprah (apologies for horrific fourth wall breaking: big-E => Biggie-smalls - punny), nor attribute anything special to t Psyker's incence. Often these things are in themselves meaningless, but work by inspiring belief in t beholder, belief which partly acts "inwards" to keep t beholders faith and mental strength against faltering to/and/or corruption, and partly "outwards" into t immaterium/materium because everyone has a small psychic ability and thereby a presence in t warp.

3.56 Psyker first person.

3:59 For t plot, t most key and t most confusing part.
See below my two transcriptions; longer speculative one, and shorter most likely concise one.

u/SirKristopher "The Psyker says "Recall them immediately!" It's very muffled, but just watch the scene again with that line in mind and you can hear it." I cant make myself hear it but maybe others can. Bald SM sends the other SM running before anything could be said anyway.

Then we see some imagery. credit u/HasuTeras - 17 or 18 tall dudes with no arms. - 4 dudes on a hand. I cannot say these are SM for sure. Anyone know if there is a many headed god in the 40k canon? - not sure what this is, daemonic possession or something? There is no fire on the armour, only the flesh burns so I suspect warp fuckery.

4.56 I wouldn't jump to t conclusion that t Psyker has t same golden mask.
That would however explain t choice/existence of t dark whole-head-covering visor, as well as hood - covering t spine-thingy for aesthetical(heretical) reasons.
However this would mean that, for example, one of t rebels is turned to being loyal to t imperium, and to such a degree as to be part of t inquisition - nah, seems far fetched and doesn't quite fit, to me.

4:49 amazing small animation detail: cape gets blown back by each bolter round's explosion

5.10 the sphere says something but I cant make it out at all.

5.12 we see credit u/TheTurbanatore before SM get sucked in.

5:16 Pointing bolter as Alpha SM as a defensive, suspicious action because touching Xenos is highly heretical breaking of protocol!

5:28 EXTREMELY CRUCIAL PLOT DETAIL, I believe - fitting my good-Orbs theory!: Gets idea to use plasma pistol sidearm, takes and charges it, now ready for firing,
5:30 gets "grabbed" in a manner preventative of this action, head-to-"head" directed towards and mind seems to be telepathically occupied pacifying him,
5:32 tries several times to break it - indicated by small head twitches,
5:37 finally manages to break off and continue with original plan of firing plasma pistol sidearm,
... which literally and figuratively backfires (irony, punny) only damaging and crippling our Alpha SM - while at t same time doing virtually no harm to Orb2b!
(If Orb2b KNEW this would happen, it tried to PREVENT Alpha SM from self-harm, showing good intention imo!)

6.14 when t Orb2b tentacle creature is shown against t red-ish background, up left, up right, down right are shadowy clouds slowly floating, right before a fast one attacks from below, battles, and encapsulates t Orb2b creature. T black clouds just random typical warp inhabitants/natives? One happened to be on t chill side, another happened to be a bit hungrier/playfuler?

6.21 on the desert world hero SM takes his helmet off, which means he somehow landed in breatheable atmosphere.

6:52 Alpha SM standing on one such pillar. Towards t end of the video, you see flashes of teleports onto the pillars, 3 of them. Closest one, to t right, you can clearly make out a SM appearing and collapsing in t same manner.

( P.S.: Although fitting 80% to Yu'Vath description (must be heavily inspired by), apparently Orbs are by t artist originally created entities: )
If Arch Warhammer is right in his video: Astartes Part 5 Analysis, The Mystery Revealed! 40k lore!
If this is t Yu'Vath...
Since t Yu'Vath are warp-related, I'd guess all appearances of t black smoke is warp energy related; around t inquisition Psyker when Orb1s radio silence breaks - since he's hard-wired to it,
around Orb1s at t same timeframe,
around everything post-"taking".

Break shell is being open/naked to t warp? Explains would not survive, but must. Necessary step to take t Alpha? Orb2b sacrifices itself to do this?

Helped immensely from fantastic transcription by Frost 993 in t video: Astartes Part Five - What The Spheres Are Saying...
And one amazing user in t comments for t Psyker's mumbling, went to find name, but video is gone now! \:

T audio dialog does seem to synch/match up with t animations of t Orbs lighting up and/or taking center screen, and logically this should be t case.
So let's logically try to establish which says what and try inferring what isn't obvious.
(Orbs saying "Brother" obviously refers to eachother.)

Psyker: *gets to see Orb1s's psychic appearance after it is "activated/woken-up" by Orb2b,
psychically goes into Orb1s's mind,
which, in turn, is taken, by Orb2b, to it, around who we can see t floor and SMs*

Orb1s: "Who is here?" (notices telepathic communication/presence and starts conversation)

Orb2b: "I have failed, Brother. We have all failed." (says to captive one, reporting current situation)

Orb1s: "The Astartes deny our touch." (sharing situational analysis. meaning behind it remains a mystery though!)
"You must return." (new instruction, based on analysis. return to WHERE though? warp?)
"Break your shield." (fits as follow-up; further instruction. is t spherical structure like an egg-shell protective container? would explain t hollow metal body being built!)

Orb2b: "We must not. We'll never survive." (response to instructions. fits shell-theory above. why "we" though? are they t last 2 of their race? one will die of breaking shell, t other though, due to captivity? or: speaking in terms applying to their race in general, as in "we as a species die if breaking shield")

Orb1s: "You must" *long pause* "Take them"
A: (if long pause suggests separate sentences, then this "must" refers to t previous "surviving", O1 telling O2 to survive? OR further back in conversation, "must" refers to previous "break shield".)
B: (if pause is irrelevant, then "must" refers to "taking them" which is obviously referring to t SMs - which Orb2b later does. does "taking" mean "grabbing/getting hold of" or "transporting to location"? leaning towards last one.)

Inquisiton Psyker: “It knows that I'm listening!” *veteran SM gives order*

Orb1s: "We must..." (*whole Orb1s lights up in blue while blue electrical sparks travel from it and into Psyker AND in t same instant t cylindrical psychic-interfaces blow with yellow sparks*,
I'd guess Orb1s TRANSFERS itself or part of itself or a message into Psyker,
a last-ditch suicide action, maybe sacrificing itself in order to communicate visions,
possibly breaking its "shield" in t process, but getting killed most certainly,
Psyker strugglingly retains some control for a short time,
*visions and quite a lot of incomprehensible mumbling follow*,
"... it is taking me, it is taking us over" *he's warning the captain*
*loses control, lit up from t inside - blam*
(I wonder who gets to see t visions. would be so sad if Psyker only, and t two veteran SMs only got to hear his extremely muffled mumbling, meaning t self-sacrifice suicide was for naught, grim-dark. possibly t point was to show all of them: "look! I am suiciding which would be completely irrational unless I am trying to tell you something that you're missing - think!" in a very imperfect and desperate situation, a weak and far-fetched message at t highest of costs.)

Short and most likely version:

Psyker: *sees Orb1s activate, goes into Orb1s, who is taken to Orb2b by it*

Orb1s: "Who is here?" (responds to having psychic presence taken to Orb2b)

Orb2b: "I have failed, Brother. We have all failed." (updates captive one on current situation)

Orb1s: "The Astartes deny our touch." (situational analysis. itself a mystery!)
"You must return." (instruction based on analysis. return to WHERE? warp?)
"Break your shield." (follow-up; further instruction.)

Orb2b: "We must not. We'll never survive." (response to instructions. "We, Yu'Vath, must not.")

Orb1s: "You must" (reiteration, countering response. "You must make this self-sacrifice")
*long pause* (separating t sentences)
"Take them" (further instruction; transport t SMs, through your self-sacrifice of breaking shield)

Inquisiton Psyker: “It knows that I'm listening!” *veteran SM gives order*

Orb1s: "We must..." (*Orb1s sends itself into Psyker - knowingly this act will result in its death*,
a last-ditch suicide action, maybe sacrificing itself in order to communicate visions,
Psyker strugglingly retains some control for a short time,
*visions and quite a lot of incomprehensible mumbling follow*,
Psyker: "... it is taking me, it is taking us over" *he's warning the captain* (credit to user comment in removed video)
*loses control, lit up from t inside - blam*
(visions seen by Psyker only, t two veteran SMs only got to hear his extremely muffled mumbling, meaning t self-sacrifice suicide was mostly for naught, grim-dark.
maybe t point was to show all of them: "look! I am suiciding which would be completely irrational unless I am trying to tell you something that you're missing - think!" in a very imperfect and desperate situation, a weak and far-fetched message at t highest of costs.)

This interpretation would make t Orbs good, trying to help out, while being misunderstood and treated with full hostility, hunted down, injection-sedated, imprisoned, chained, interrogated, killed, forcing them in t end to self-sacrifice to help those same aggressors out.
This is a very sad and thereof also a very grim-dark story.
Unnecessary conflict and so many lives lost due to prejudice which is a consequence of t highly imperfect and extremely tense circumstances t imperium finds itself in constantly.
This is true drama, tragedy, complexity and poeticness.

This isn't even comparable to contemporary brain-dead, comic-relief, mass-market, Hollywood, it is several leagues ahead!
Imagine this guy having even 1%, let alone 10% of a bigger budgeted Hollywood typical piece of sjw/pc garbage!

In my opinion t allegory/sensmoral/message of t story can be understood as follows...

T extremely hard to perceive, and thereby hard to follow, dialog/communication is, by t author (Syama D Pedersen), very intentional - it is never meant to be understood by t audience, t work IS language-agnostic!
Instead - it is meant to convey, to t audience, how events are perceived by t agents of t Imperium that we are observing. Make us see from their point-of-view, to understand a point.

"If you never slow down, and look deeper, with an open mind - from your views, conflict may follow - from your actions, suffering may follow."

And precisely, among t audience there may be two groups:
one who just observes with with t typical assumption of good/bad -guys,
and one who takes t time to dig deeper trying to unravel/understand everything!

In my opinion t allegory/sensmoral of t story is how easy it is completely miss what someone is communicating, only looking at how t actions appear from your own pre-conceived point of view, in other words miss-understanding [sic], especially when doing things as hurriedly as possible and/or simply not caring.

Summed up, into one word, "prejudice"?

adding CRUCIALLY CENTRAL details to t transscript

shintel + novideo stationär, shintel + novideo bärbar, Ayymd bärbar 4 teh memez
One of my absolute top games: Natural Selection 1, a Half-Life 1 mod
1. Install HL1 2. Follow instructions: skim: Warning: Bring thick skin for salty vets! ^^
Också: PlanetSide 2

Trädvy Permalänk
Jul 2011

Håller med, 100%.

Jag önskar att någon filmstudio kan plocka upp detta universums story. Det är stort, det är bra, det finns 100 tals böcker att bygga på.

Det finns cheeze stories att bygga på, det finns action att bygga på, det finns teenage love crap att bygga på, det finns veteran skit att bygga på, imho, det finns allt att bygga på i detta universum.

Sedan önskar jag någon kunde plocka upp Dragonlance med... eller, Thomas Covenant, The White Gold Wielder..

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Aug 2017

Verkligen Imponerande. WH40K universumet har hur mycket material som helst för bra scifi spel/film/serier. Hoppas det kommer mer eller GW Lägger lite energi på att förvalta kreativiteten och passionen som finns.

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Mar 2006

Filmbolag har redan testat sig på 40k och de floppade väl ganska ordentligt...

kan ju kanske handlat om att den är gjord av folk utan en enda gnutta koll på vad de jobbar med men får de tag i någon som verkligen andas 40k kan det nog vara intressant.

gissar på att de som gör dessa fanfilmer som blir populära är riktiga 40k personer som förvarar sina 40k modeller i badrummet för att ha dem nära till hands i princip.

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