Mad Games Tycoon 2. Driva spelstudio.


Mad Games Tycoon 2. Driva spelstudio.

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Start your own game developer studio
It is the year 1976.A few revolutionaries set out to take over the entertainment industry. You too take the risky step and found your own game company in a small, unimpressive office.

Build your own studio with offices, production facilities and server rooms. Place decorative objects in your offices to increase prestige and attract the best employees in the industry. Watch out for pollution, heat and employment opportunities for your staff.

Buy the most desirable offices and become the leading manufacturer of computer games and consoles.

Develop games and consoles
With "Mad Games Tycoon 2" you have countless options to develop the game of your dreams. From a simple text adventure to expensive MMOs. Develop games for high-paying publishers or produce and distribute games from the competition. Do you want to publish your games on all consoles, or do you want to create the next exclusive hit for the most successful home computer? Design the most impressive next-gen console and dominate the hardware market.

Dominate the game industry
Hire the most legendary game developers, sell your most advanced engines to the competition, or buy out all game developer studios. You have countless ways to influence the game industry. Guide your small studio through all crises and make it a market-leading company.

Köpte och lirat på några timmar. Timmarna flög. Jag tyckte det gick suveränt tills allt gick åt........ Försöker mig på en nystart idag, går bättre än så länge. Får se nästa session om det skiter sig.