Är detta rätt sätt för att få SSL stöd i rtorrent?

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Okt 2005

Är detta rätt sätt för att få SSL stöd i rtorrent?

Hittade denna guide, ville bara kolla ifall någon kan bekräfta att den fungerar eller bör fungera.


First do these steps:
$ sudo openssl s_client -connect TRACKER.URL:443 |tee ca_save_file
$ sudo openssl x509 -inform PEM -in ca_save_file -text -out outcert.pem

Importing a Certificate into the System-Wide Certificate Authority Database

You can import a CA Certificate into the system-wide database of trusted certificate authorities. Applications that use this database will automatically trust any certificates stored here.

1. Copy your certificate to the system certificate directory. At a terminal prompt, type:

$ sudo cp outcert.pem /usr/share/ca-certificates/TRACKER_NAME.crt

2. Edit the ca-certificates configuration file /etc/ca-certificates.conf. Add the name of the file you copied to /use/share/ca-certificates to the top of the list just after the final "#". For example:

# This file lists certificates that you wish to use or to ignore to be
# installed in /etc/ssl/certs.
# update-ca-certificates(8) will update /etc/ssl/certs by reading this file.
# This is autogenerated by dpkg-reconfigure ca-certificates.
# certificates should be installed under /usr/share/ca-certificates
# and files with extension '.crt' is recognized as available certs.
# line begins with # is comment.
# line begins with ! is certificate filename to be deselected.
[... many additional certificates omitted ...]

3. Update the CA certificates database by typing:

$ sudo update-ca-certificates

4. You have successfully imported your certificate into the system CA certificates database.


Nå vad tror ni, är det bara att följa alla steg som står? Om så är fallet, ska denna rad "$ sudo cp outcert.pem /usr/share/ca-certificates/TRACKER_NAME.crt" då innehålla sidans namn eller ska "TRACKER_NAME" stå kvar?


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