Stressa Linux, går det?

Stressa Linux, går det? Jo, visst. Kopierat en lista från


Linux Stress Testing and Benchmarking

Since this is an overclocking and benchmarking website, I thought it would be fitting to point out that Linux can be just as useful for benchmarking and stress testing as Windows is. I'm going to start this out merely as a link farm to various Linux applications, but in time, I can see this becoming a full-on HOWTO. I definitely encourage other members to give input, as I can always use all the help I can.

Live CD
Phoronix Test Suite Live - a stripped down linux environment designed around the Phoronix Test Suite
stresslinux - stresslinux is a minimal linux distribution running from a bootable cdrom, usb drive, or via PXE

lm sensors - monitor fans, voltages, and temps
hddtemp - monitor hdd temps
smartmontools - monitor hdd's using the SMART system built into the hard drive

Benchmark Suites
Phoronix Test Suite - comprehensive testing and benchmarking suite
freebench - free memory, integer, and floating point benchmark
lmbench - portable benchmark suite
ltp - the Linux Test Project benchmark suite
nbench - BYTE Magazine's BYTEmark tests memory, integer, and floating point performance
xfbsuite - benchmark suite for X

CPU tests
Kernel compile - You can benchmark your system by simply timing you kernel compile. As long as you use the same config file, this will give you a pretty good idea of how you're computer is scaling as you overclock. It will also give you an idea of stability because an unstable system will cause compilation errors. You will need to keep your own log of compile times for reference. This can be used to compare separate systems as long as the same architecture and config file are used. To time your source compile, simply enter the kernel source directory (i.e. /usr/src/linux/) and type:
# time make
when it is done, it will display the overall time it took to complete, which you can then throw in to a text document or spreadsheet to graph, if you'd like.

CPUBurn - stress the cpu
gamut - loopable benchmark app (formerly Sstress)
Mersenne Prime (GIMPS) - Includes a stress test which is identical to it's Windows counterpart
super pi - calculates pi, same as it's windows counterpart
stress - places a configurable load on different parts of the system: CPU, memory, I/O, and disk stress
System Stability Tester - gui pi calculating program

Memory Tests
Memtest86+ - can be added to your LILO or GRUB boot menu, so you do not need to have a floppy disk

Graphics Tests
SPECviewperf 9 (32bit and 64bit)
Unreal Tournament 2003/2004 - You can use fly-by's and botmatches to benchmark
Doom3 - you can use timedemo's to benchmark

Filesystem I/O
Bonnie - Performance test of filesystem I/O using standard C library calls.
Bonnie++ - Filesystem I/O tester
dbench - filesystem benchmark
iozone - filesystem benchmark
piozone - filesystem benchmark
tiozone - fully threaded filesystem benchmark

Network Tests
netio - network benchmark
nepim - network test
netperf - network test
iperf - network test

Program Benchmarks
bootchart - benchmark your boot process
contest - benchmark different kernels to see which performs best on your system
httperf - HP tool to test webserver performance
jmeter - benchmark the performance of http/ftp services and databases
MySQL Super-Smack - MySQL benchmark
pipebench - measures stdin/stdout communication
siege - http performance test
volanomark - java server benchmark

Articles and HOWTO's

Linux Overclocking Software (Phoronix)

Har inte hunnit testa någon själv än. Länkarna finns i länken.


Furmark via wine fungerar väldigt bra också (för de som är intresserade av komplement).


Tackar för tipset. Dock verkar inget av de stresstesten köra linpack, vilket är väldigt synd.


Jag ser inet varför linpack skulle vara intressant att testa, då det snarare mäter kodens effektivitet än operativsystemet.


Ursprungligen inskrivet av Micket
Jag ser inet varför linpack skulle vara intressant att testa, då det snarare mäter kodens effektivitet än operativsystemet.

Va? Linpack som stresstest alltså, inte som benchmark.


Ok. På vilket sätt skulle linpack vara ett bättre test för att stressa CPUn?


Ursprungligen inskrivet av Micket
Ok. På vilket sätt skulle linpack vara ett bättre test för att stressa CPUn?

Har du provat Intel Burn Test eller Linpackdelen i OCCT nån gång? Aldrig hittat något som får fram mer värme och hittar fel snabbare än linpack.