Ny stereoskopisk drivrutin från iZ3D

Trädvy Permalänk
Nov 2009

Ny stereoskopisk drivrutin från iZ3D

Som rubriken, iZ3D har släppt en beta av sin stereoskopiska drivrutin 1.11:

Change Log
[+] – Added
[!] – Changed
[f] – Fixed
Version 1.11 – 2010.03.30
[+] DX10/DX10.1/DX11 stereoscopic driver added! Some issues are listed in the manual.
[+] Implemented new shutter modes for specific outputs: Multi-Device, Multi-Threaded,
“UserMode” and ATI QuadBuffer.
[+] Driver API added.
[+] New key DisableD3D10Driver added, that disable D3D10, D3D11 for games.
[+] Profile for Torchlight, Global Agenda, Mass Effect 2, REFLEX XTR Model Flight Simulator,
Dark Void, Supreme Commander 2 added.
[+] Localization files added.
[+] Nero Vision, Nero ShowTime, WinSAT added to exceptions.
[+] New VR920 mode “Without Flush” added.
[+] Support YouTube 1080p HD added.
[+] Windows 7 taskbar support added.
[+] Control Center real time localization.
[+] 3D 120Hz Projectors and Zalman outputs added.
[!] Laser sight icon changed.
[!] BLC shutter signing improved for mono mode support.
[!] iZ3D table method improved.
[!] Menu drawing speed improved in some games.
[!] Static test rewritten to stereo API using.
[!] Profile for Guitar Hero 3 updated.
[!] Autofocus improved.
[!] Screenshots with some outputs fixed.
[!] D3D version now in FPS message.
[!] 3D Studio Max 2010 partially support.
[!] CustomLaserSightIconPath moved to DefaultProfile section.
[f] Bioshock 2, Dark Void, PerfectWorld crash fixed.
[f] Torchlight, UT2004, Last Chaos Alt-Tab crash fixed.
[f] Far Cry 2 crash on Windows 7 fixed.
[f] Ninja Blade black screen fixed.
[f] Mouse lock “one border pixel” bug fixed.
[f] SwapEyes key fixed.