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Dec 2010

ps3 media server

Undrar om ps3 media server kan spela tex och hur i så fall?

Trädvy Permalänk
Aug 2002

Genom ffmpeg som är inkluderat i programmet så transcodar den innehållet.
ps3mediaserver - Project Hosting on Google Code

  • Ready to launch and play. No codec packs to install. No folder configuration and pre-parsing or this kind of annoying thing. All your folders are directly browsed by the PS3, there's an automatic refresh also.

  • Real-time video transcoding of MKV/FLV/OGM/AVI, etc.

  • Direct streaming of DTS / DTS-HD core to the receiver

  • Remux H264/MPEG2 video and all audio tracks to AC3/DTS/LPCM in real time with tsMuxer when H264 is PS3/Level4.1 compliant

  • Full seeking support when transcoding

  • DVD ISOs images / VIDEO_TS Folder transcoder

  • OGG/FLAC/MPC/APE audio transcoding

  • Thumbnail generation for Videos

  • You can choose with a virtual folder system your audio/subtitle language on the PS3!

  • Simple streaming of formats PS3 natively supports: MP3/JPG/PNG/GIF/TIFF, all kind of videos (AVI, MP4, TS, M2TS, MPEG)

  • Display camera RAWs thumbnails (Canon / Nikon, etc.)

  • ZIP/RAR files as browsable folders

  • Support for pictures based feeds, such as Flickr and Picasaweb

  • Internet TV / Web Radio support with VLC, MEncoder or MPlayer

  • Podcasts audio/ Video feeds support

  • Basic Xbox360 support

  • FLAC 96kHz/24bits/5.1 support

  • Windows Only: DVR-MS remuxer and AviSynth alternative transcoder support

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