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Hello, and welcome to my gallery.

I would like to present to you my personal every day rig. I have had this rig for over 6 months now, and it is still going very strong.

I used the Cooler Master C700P chassis as I really like the looks, but it is so heavy that I almost ruin my back every time that I have to move it. I have made some modifications to the outside of the chassis just to make it a little more personalised.

I sanded down the aluminium "ski" bars above and below the chassis with an orbital sander, and then by hand for the hard to reach spaces. I had these polished up to mirror luster, but it scratched way too easy and could not be protected with a clear coat. So instead I brushed them with sandpaper, and now the look awesome.

I modded the top ventilation panel but cutting away a large chunk of the plastic, and making a custom acrylic panel that simply just screwed in. It gives an amazing view into the PC, and is a treat to look at as my PC sits on the floor.

Other than the mods, I have a custom loop with chromed copper tubing which perfectly accentuates the Watercool Heatkiller CPU block. The pump/res combo has aluminium bars which are brushed and clear coated. The custom loop is only for the CPU and the VRM, with the tubing being routed vertically and connecting behind the RTX2080Ti. This creates a very nice aesthetic imo.

I hope that you enjoy this album. It has taken way too long to get these photos done. Better late than never!

Intel 9900k
ASUS Maximus XI Formula
Nvidia RTX2080Ti FE
Corsair Dominator Special Edition Black Nickel 3200 32GB
Samsung 970 Pro 512GB M.2
Cooler Master C700P
Cooler Master V850 850w
In Win Polaris RGB Aluminium 120mm x3
CableMod Custom Cables
Custom water cooling by Watercool and radiator by EKWB

Cooler Master