Eyefinity rig - P193 case

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Doing blogg in english for Antec support aswell as clan friends from Europe.

I got interested in Eyefinity in late 2009 and by feb 2010 I started purchasing parts. A lot of pitfalls in selection and assembly, as can be seen in my movie blog here. It also contains a lot more images.


Will upload images of Hydro H50 screwhead problem and Antec sideplate with mod eventually.


Antec P193
Intel Core i7 930, 2.80GHz
Corsair H50 CPU cooler
80GB SSD Intel X25-M G2
Couple of old Samsung HD's (added later)
Corsair 4x2GB 1333MHz
Corsair HX 850W 80+ (future plans)
XFX 5970 BE
X-Fi Xtremegamer (added later)

Thanks for reading! Additional thanks to www.inet.se and www.dustinhome.se for good deliveries.

If you are interested in multi-screen gaming, visit Robbaz youtube channel for examples:


Or for his excellent guide;


Blog is nearly done - awaiting a small mod of case to allow for protruding screwheads on the H50 fan. Will try to do it in 2 weeks time.

Christmas coming late?

The customary shot of all the goodies. Including a cpl of treats from inet.se, candy is nice when the build goes on until late AM.

The P193, lots of space here.

With the 200 mm side fan in the shot, remember to save a power connection for it at the very end!

Motherboard laid out

Checking layout and planning some on how to mount all components, in what order.

Mounted Corsair memsticks

8 gig, not my first option but I had to swap motherboard so this was second best.

Mem fan mounted

Mistake! Mounted this in the wrong order, see later shot.

The fan cords trussed down

Mounted motherboard - Problem...

The mem fan covers the screw so had to remove it temporarily.

Time to mount CPU and H50

Retainer for H50

Nice feature to have a hole on the back of the motherboard plate but this retainer really had to squeeze in there. The motherboard I chose was obviously a little bit different from Antecs design spec.

Rear 120 removed for H50

Pump in place

Reservoir and new 120 fan in place

Oops, secondary power port blocked

The reservoir was placed before I connected power to motherboard.

Pair of tweezers is good to have...

Tested mounting the GPU

Planning cables and space, how to route.

Annoying HD bore

Well, it happens. Tried with different screws, changed sequence of fastening, it just wouldn't go in smoothly. Had to unscrew and rescrew it a cpl of times, pretty forcibly.

Almost done

Everything mounted, off to real testing before finishing with routing cables for max airflow. Always test the rig first so you can easily make any changes.

Finished - Eyefinity

SweC on the centerscreen of course. Apologies for the light, my flash is on loan to a colleague and I refuse to use the standard. Horrible results.

FYI; I do not care for looks on the inside of the case, I do not like flashy blue lights. I like cool, quiet cases that look good and does the job. Antec P193 has my vote.

Oh, I added some components and never did get around to take that final cable pic. I owe Antec a mod short of the back plate problem with the H50 screwhead and the case not able to close properly. See Antec support forum on SweC for details.