In Win H-Tower, 925, Phanteks Elite

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Säljes Chassi Publicerad 2020-09-29
Pris: 1 kr
Frakt: Avhämtas
Plats: Stockholm, Norrtälje


I have a few high profile and expensive cases that I wish to sell. Trades can also be of interest.

In Win H-Tower (1922€ new)

In Win 925 (500€ new)

Phanteks Elite (877€ new) Flight case included.

Obviously I do not expect anywhere near the new pricing for these cases. Pickup only in Norrtälje due to weight and size. Delivery personally by me can be organised if needed. I wish to see where the bidding ends at, or if there is any interest in these at all.

All of these cases have their original packaging, accessories, and fans etc. included.