Kllisre X99 Dual LGA 2011-3 (ZX-DU99D4)

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Avslutad Moderkort Publicerad 2020-10-29
Pris: 100 kr
Frakt: Skickas & Avhämtas
Plats: Stockholm, Saltsjöbaden

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Selling a dual socket Intel LGA 2011-3 motherboard which I bought for a YouTube review. After the review I planned to use it in one of my server projects, but never got enough time to actually complete the build.

The motherboard is known on AliExpress under Kllisre X99 Dual or ZX-DU99D4 name.

My YouTube review is available here: 🇬🇧 Detailed review of ZX-DU99D4 V1.11 Dual Socket LGA 2011-3 | E5-2678 V3 | E5-2620 V4.

The motherboard can be sold with a pair of (or single) E5-2620 V3 / E5-2628 V3 / E5-2640 V3.

- The bidding starts with 100 SEK.
- I may decide to keep the motherboard for myself, if I am not happy with the offers.
- Shipping can be arranged for an extra fee.