[Package Sell ONLY] Ryzen 9 5950x , X570i Gaming , 64GB 2x32 3600mhz

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Avslutad Komponenter Publicerad 2020-12-28
Pris: 14 340 kr
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Plats: Skåne, Malmö

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Working on a new project , thus , I will release the following items.
Selling ONLY as a Package:

Ryzen 9 5950x - warranty NetOnNet
Price: 8940kr
Asus Strid X570i Gaming - warranty Inet
Price: 2700kr
If there is interest there is also Corsair 64GB - 2x32GB RAM 3600mhz - warranty Komplett
Price: 2700kr

I am not interested in selling them individually , only as a package, please refrain from spamming my PM or this thread with anything else than is as stated above.
Any other questions to PM please, let’s keep this thread clean.

Not interested in bidding more than my price.
First come, first served!

As always, I reserve the right to sell to whom I want & when I want.
Accept only Swish.
Shipping is covered by the buyer.
* will make sure to pack the products as best as possible so it arrives in perfect shape.
* the product is on other sites / forums