Looking for i5-10600K(F) / i7-10700K(F) / i9-10900K(F)

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Avslutad Processorer Publicerad 2021-01-22
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To test a Chinese JGINYUE B460 motherboard I need an overclockable LGA 1200 CPU, preferably with integrated graphics, but not required.

The price can be negotiated and I can also pay some $$ if someone does not want to sell, but can lend me a CPU for the sake of a video.

Listing the CPUs by their priority to me:

- i5-10600K.
- i5-10600KF.
- i9-10900K.
- i7-10700K.
- i9-10900KF.
- i7-10700KF.

Link to the motherboard: