Vivo X60 Pro+ (Emperor blue) - 256GB STORAGE / 12GB RAM

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Avslutad Mobiltelefoner Publicerad 2021-04-16
Pris: 8 600 kr
Frakt: Skickas & Avhämtas
Plats: Skåne, Malmö

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Ordered a phone from China in this case it is a Vivo X60 Pro+ (256gb storage / 12gb ram) in Emperor blue. I sort of have my doubts about keeping it.
The phone is "technically" unopened but it actually has been opened in China to make sure it works and also they do pre-install Google Store. It also has security certificate from Google, so all normal bank apps etc. works right out of the box, no issue.

Specs for the phone are:

If anyone wants a quick peak at it:

I am selling it for the same price as purchased.

Regarding warranty this is purchased at a European webshop that specialises in import of verious electronics from Chine to Europe.
Phone comes with 1 year warranty and repairs will be done in Europe. Also they offer "loaner" phone while the phone is in the shop.

I do not have a reputation as of yet in here as this is the first ad. I have prurchased around 3 x GPU's and a single motherboard in the last month and I am sure that the sellers can verify me. However, will provide any proof of ownership and naturally I would prefer to sell it face-2-face in Malmö.