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Watercooling. 360 Radiators, O11 Distro EKWB, and HardTube Fittings 12/10

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Hello all!

I have these I wont be using any more as I dismantled my loop!
CPU blocks are sold!!!

1x EKWB O11 Dynamic Distro w 3.1 DDC pump ARGB, I have added a mirror film tint in the back to show a mirror finish in the front and looks amazing
1x EKWB DDC 3.2 PUMP I bought this extra
2x BlackIce Nemesis GTS 360 Radiators. Fantastic radiators each costs 1200+ new!
1x EKWB Nickel Argb Analog Flow meter
1x Bykski Digital Flow meter Black
1x Alphacool G1/4 Sensor Black
1x EKWB Leak Tester
1x Ekwb Hard Tube kit 12/10
1x Bykski Drain port with a ekwb and a soft tube to use with

4X Male to Male
20x EKWB Nickel Quantum torque fittings
14x Bykski Fittings - the best fittings and easier to work with fyi
2x 45 degree EKWB fittings
Lots of nickel plugs EKWB and Alphacool
4x extenders various sizes
8x 90 degrees female to female bykski corners
4x 90 degree EKWB Quantum non rotary male to female - the nice ones with flat top
6x 90 degree Barrowch - the nice ones with flat top
1x 45 degree rotary EKWB Quantum torque

Also lots of O rings.
I will throw in 6x 120mm fans Arctic p12 pst, all the tubes I have even some uncut ones both acryl and Nickel plated copper tubes. You can also have all the liquids I have if you want. They are sealed but expired, but i dont think it matters, your call.

Price is kinda firm , I wont discuss silly prices. I prefer to keep them in case I go for a loop again.

On todays prices to buy these the fittings alone new would cost you over 3000SEK, we are talking of a overall value of over 7000SEK.

Pick up in Ropsten and I can also ship if you pay shipping but keep in mind these are Heavy.
Swish Only please.

P.S: I posted this previously but some items were sold seperately.