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Skrivet av Pagge:

550:- + shipping. Neither do I know if I need it but I want it.

Thanks for the bid!!

Skrivet av Poberg:

Oh no! What if I need it? Shit!
Sorry, love your ad - so i probably need it 😊

Haha, felt funny. Might delete later.

Av MetallicAcid
Skrivet av Lysmask:

What's The shipping cost for this?
I cut my case's 3mm Aluminium front plate with an angle grinder but didnt quite turned out the way i wanted it to..

Shipping would be about 149kr. I ddo not recommend this tool for cutting aluminium though tbh with you. The disk rotates too fast and is too abrasive, so it tends to melt the aluminium instead of cutting it away. The finish is really crap, and the clean up takes more time than if you were to drill lots of holes and then use a file to remove the rest.

Av MetallicAcid
Skrivet av roo:

I dont know if i need one, but i think i need one.

So starting off with 500kr + Shipping!

You won't know that you need it until you have it. When you have it, you will wonder why you have Not bought one sooner.

This cuts so much faster then my Dremel 3000!!

Av MetallicAcid

Dremel DSM 20 med divers kapaskivor


I have this Dremel DSM 20 angle grinder with heaps of metal cutting disks, and a variety of disks for other materials as well. Perfect tool for quickly cutting metal PC cases to bits, and you have some extra cutting disks to be the "perfect handyman" for your wife/sambo/girlfriend, which will be really handy when you have to justify this tool purchase.

Shipping or pickup available.

Bid starting from 500kr

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Av MetallicAcid
Skrivet av Ant3:

You should submit this to Jay's 2 Cents or BitWit when they review builds.


Av MetallicAcid
Skrivet av Denna2009:

1000:- plus shipping for Asus Gene

Sorry to inform that the motherboard has already been sold.

Av MetallicAcid

Withdraw my offer.

Av MetallicAcid
Skrivet av slyclock:

It would be great if you could finish it up today and maybe send it. In best case scenario we would get the parcel tomorrow.

Sorry, work got in the way. I can finish up the sales this evening and be able to ship tomorrow morning. Sorry for the delay, but work has been crazy.

Kind regards.

Av MetallicAcid
Skrivet av Viox:

Raijintek PAEAN M mATX black 400kr + shipment

Skrivet av WaspCustoms:

EK-Quantum Reflection Fractal ATX D5 PWM D-RGB - Plexi 1000 bid + pickup

Skrivet av slyclock:

900kr + shipping for rog gene

Skrivet av Proxann:

be quiet! Straight Power 850w PSU

800 + shipping

Thank you for the bids. The following are the leading bids.

I will finish up the auction for these parts within the next day or so!

Av MetallicAcid

Z390 Gene, matx chassis, much more

Hello guys.

I have a few things to sell off to make room for new projects.

Raijintek PAEAN M mATX black bids from 400kr
Unused. Box and accessories included. Digital receipt from

EK-Quantum Reflection Fractal ATX D5 PWM D-RGB - Plexi bids from 1000kr
Unused. For a project that never got off the ground. Box and all accessories included. Receipt from

ASUS ROG Maximus XI Gene mATX bids from 700kr
Great condition. Box and all accessories included.

be quiet! Straight Power 850w PSU bids from 700kr
Like new. Box and accessories. No receipt.

Corsair K70 Cherry Red bids from 200kr
Fair condition, works great. Changed to a TKL wireless keyboard from Logitech. Box and all accessories included. I tried cleaning it to the best of my ability.

Steelseries Rival optical mouse bids from 50kr
Fair condition. No box or accessories. Mouse only.

EK-Tube ZMT 19.4/12.5 mm New. 100kr

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Av MetallicAcid


Guys! I am on the hunt for an Intel 11th Gen i7 11700k CPU.

If you have one for sale, please let me know and we might be able to work out a deal.

Kind regards.

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Av MetallicAcid

2600kr for the PG279QE

Av MetallicAcid

2300kr PG279QE

Av MetallicAcid


Unfortunately I do need the entire setup, but I would like to place a bid for 3000kr + shipping if you decide to sell separately.

Shure Sm7b Dynamisk mikrofon
GoXlr mini

Av MetallicAcid
Skrivet av luki3:

2000kr + shipping for MSI MPG Carbon X EK Z590, if it hasen't been sold yet.

Not sold yet! If there are no more bids by tomorrow (Friday) night, then we can make a deal.

Av MetallicAcid
Skrivet av Ultraform:

Hi interested in this do you have them left ?

11. Steelseries Rival optical mouse.

12. Zowie G-SR Mousepad


Only the mouse remains. The mousepad has been sold.

Av MetallicAcid
Skrivet av bjan_84:

That's a pity! Would've been interesting to see what you could build out of it

Would you happen to be travelling near Stockholm in the near future?

Av MetallicAcid

I would like to inform that the Formula motherboard, the 9900k, the CPU block and the mousepad are now sold.

Av MetallicAcid

I would almost give my left testicle to buy this case. Unfortunately I live too far away

Av MetallicAcid

I will be wrapping up this auction tonight and tomorrow for this who have placed bids.