I den ständiga kampen mellan grafikkortsmakarna Nvidia och AMD har det röda laget en fördel när det kommer till stöd för flera skärmar. Tillverkaren Sparkle tar dock saken i egna händer, och med Calibre X580 Captain erbjuds anslutningar för upp till fyra skärmar.

Modellen har fem bildskärmsanslutningar, två DVI samt tre Mini Displayport. Enligt Sparkle klarar kortet av att visa samma bild över tre skärmar, alternativt två bilder uppdelade på två skärmar vardera. Under skalet ruvar som namnet antyder grafikprocessorn GF110 med 512 CUDA-kärnor och 1,5 GB GDDR5-minne.

Sparkle planerar att visa upp Calibre X580 Captain under Computex 2011 med en lansering någon gång under andra kvartalet. Övrig information som klockfrekvenser och prislapp väljer företaget än så länge att hålla för sig själva.

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Sparkle, the world’s leading graphics card vendor will showcase the full range of its latest products including mainstream Sparkle series and high-level Calibre series graphics cards at Computex Taipei 2011. Sparkle has expanded substantially thanks to products that offer optimal performance and excellent quality. Sparkle has received more than 300 international awards and recognitions and is acknowledged as one of the best graphics card brands by both the media and consumers. After announcing the kick-off of a rebranding campaign, Sparkle’s whole new corporate identity system will also be unveiled to the public for the first time.

A Great Leap Forward for “Sparkle 3.0” and Brand New Features

The design of Sparkle’s booth at Computex Taipei 2011 will be based on the “Sparkle 3.0” theme, spelling out the essences of our all-new brand attitude: “technological innovation, interactive experience and user-friendliness”. Sparkle will appeal to visitors with transformation from old stereotypes of cold technical specifications to audio & video entertainment experience. With the “small is beautiful” space planning in mind, brand new corporate identity system is integrated with modern elements of high-tech creating a simple and trendy atmosphere, expressing a unique and distinctive brand personality. It will also be the occasion where Sparkle takes visitors to get to know the splendid rebirth of a 30-year-old classical brand again for the first time, following the announcement of the kick-off of Sparkle’s rebranding plan.

Online Gaming On The Rise, 3D VGA Card & Gaming Satisfaction with Extreme Overlocking

According to the “2010 Taiwan broadband network routers use status survey”, online gaming population has seen phenomenal growth in Taiwan. There are currently 8.5 million online gamers (above the age of 12 and 50.28% of the Internet users) in Taiwan. With the launches of all types of high-speed, vivid, colourful, film-like games, it means that gamers’ reliance on overclocking high-performance graphics card will grow even more. High-end 3D video cards will undoubtedly be the essential tools for any gamer!

Thanks to the good reputation we enjoy in the world of high-end gaming graphics cards, Sparkle takes this opportunity at Computex to showcase the Sparkle GeForce GTX 580 graphics card series, designed for gamers who are in pursuit of excellence. Sparkle GeForce® GTX 580 adopts the nVidia GTX 580 GPU (Graphics Processing Unit), GDDR5 high-speed video memory and vapor chamber thermal cooling design and also packs support for premium gaming technologies such as DirectX 11 and nVidia PhysX, bringing excellent overclocking game speed, more realistic visual effects and the ultimate fun of being 'inside the game'. There will also be a 3D visual experience zone within our booth where you can expand your games across three displays in full stereoscopic 3D with the power of nVidia 3D Vision Surround technology, breaking the boundaries of your screen and experiencing 3D panoramic gaming. GeForce GTX 580 is the perfect weapon when behind enemy lines and enables you to experience the gaming realism.

Ahead of Its Class, Launch of Calibre X580 - World’s 1st Single GPU Card To Support 4 Displays

Sparkle once again demonstrates its outstanding capacity to break through the boundaries of multi-display. Calibre X580 Captain will be making its debut at Computex Taipei 2011 as the 1st single high-end GPU card that delivers support up to 4 displays. It comes with 3 Mini DisplayPort outputs, 2 Dual-Link DVI adapter. Calibre X580 Captain supports multi-display output including 1 single image on 3 displays simultaneously and 2 divided images spanning across 4 displays at once. Excellent display performance and powerful multi-display feature can be widely used for ultimate gaming experience, multi-tasking word processing, business conference calls and professional skills of specific areas such as: audio & video editing etc., bringing extreme high work efficiency and flawless visual gaming pleasure experience to consumers. Calibre X580 Captain VGA card is expected to be launched during the 1st half of 2011, making it the best choice for multi-display output.

Winning De Luxe Product Range and Total Satisfaction for Digital Audio & Video Lifestyle

Another hot topic of the year 2011 is digital home. Sparkle will showcase a secret weapon that puts you together with the home entertainment. Without adding any adapter cable, just through the high-definition transfer interface of the high-end Calibre graphics card that supports WHDI (Wireless Home Digital Interface), taking uncompressed high-definition audio & video stream to convert TV into a massive game console or Blu-ray film theatre, easily making the dream of “TV is Computer Screen” come true! In addition, numerous models of other core products of magical graphics cards and exclusively developed fans under the dual brand of Sparkle and Calibre will also be showcased. Whether you are a killer gamer, professional graphic designer or multimedia worker, you will all be able to come across products that will touch your heart!

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