Tillverkarna vill säkerligen ha lite mera klart för sig hur stora kvantiteter man ska producera, speciellt med tanke på att man måste producera grafikkort för två olika gränssnitt, dels nuvarande AGP men också det kommande PCI-Express.

While graphics companies investigate on the matter of PCI Express x16 ramp in order to be in a position to offer graphics cards for new slot, it does not seem that NVIDIA or ATI align schedules for the new generation architectures with chipset makers, such as VIA or Intel. NVIDIA officially said that it would ship its GeForce PCX processors for PEG x16 in the second half of the year; ATI remained tight-lipped on timeframes for its PCI Express VPUs, but is likely to align the availability of its PCI Express x16 lineup with availability of i915 (Grantsdale) mainboards.