Anandtech har fått tag på ett utvecklingsexemplar av ett moderkort som har SiS 756. Referenskortet är inte färdigutvecklat än men kan ge en fingervisning om vad SiS 756 kommer att ge för prestanda och funktioner när moderkort med kretsen lanseras.

The SiS 756 competes very well in performance benchmarks at stock speeds. We found little in our Benchmark tests that would sway us for or against the SiS 756 chipset. However, when we look at the broader picture of features, the SiS 756 is clearly on the short end of the stick.

Not only will you not find Firewire or SATA2 or SLI on the SiS756, you will also find overclocking performance among the worst that we have yet measured on a Socket 939 board. That won't matter to you if you never overclock and never intend to, but it will matter to many Athlon 64 buyers who consider themselves to be enthusiasts.

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