Hardware Analysis testar Radeon X1800-korten i spel som Half-Life 2, Doom III, FarCry och Splinter Cell i flera olika upplösningar och nivåer av anti aliasing och anisotropic filtering. Grafikkorten jämförs med likvärdiga modeller från Nvidia. Ett mycket intressant test av hur Radeon X1800 kommer prestera.

Our conclusion is a mixed bag really. The benchmarks were run on release candidate drivers for the Radeon X1800 Pro and XT, hence performance is not likely to change much before launch. On the other hand ATI has been able to wring extra performance from their drivers in the past, so we’d expect them to be able to pull that off here as well. Overall it looks like the Radeon X1800 XT is good match for the GeForce 7800GTX, although in most games the GTX clearly takes the lead.

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