Effektiva fyra kärnor är väldigt imponerande. Inte nog med att ett sånt här system får fördelarna av en konventionell SMP-dator, den får fördelarna med dual-core-system också. Kan vara något för den som behöver väldigt bra parallell prestanda i krävande arbetsuppgifter.

And as for the actual conclusions, we could say the following. Despite the fact that systems similar to the one we have tested today have huge computational potential, the users may not be able to take good advantage of it all the time. The situation is much simpler with multi-processor server platforms, however. Since all server applications are multi-threaded by nature, the use of two dual-core CPUs instead of two single-core ones will almost always have a positive effect on the system performance. As for the workstations, you should have a good idea of what type of tasks this workstation is going to be used for.

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