Intelligent readers also need to be aware that the first version of the story he posted seemed to accuse every site who attends the ATI Tech Day of a fundamental inability to be independent in their testing and copy. Needless to say that I am sure several sites have 'web-wacked' that original version and will be considering taking action to defend their names.

The Inquirer skriver att det enda grafikkortet i Radeon X1800-serien som möjligtvis någon skulle kunna få tag på och testa är Radeon X1800 XL. Hur Hardware Analysis lyckats testa Radeon X1800 XT kan man då fråga sig.

There are some theories about these scores but some people at ATI who have the access to R520 hardware claim that Sanders' numbers are completely out of range. To make it even more interesting, one source confirmed that even Geforce 7800GTX are out of the range.

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