X-bit labs har intervjuat S3. Företaget har många gånger försökt slå sig in som en tredje aktör för retailgrafikkort tillsammans med ATI och Nvidia men misslyckats. S3 är dock mycket angelägna om att en tredje aktör är precis vad grafikkortsmarknaden behöver och S3 skulle kunna ta den platsen.

X-bit labs: What are your general targets to achieve on the market? Do you have ambitions to become as big as ATI and NVIDIA?

Nadeem Mohammad: The market place is screaming out for a solid third supplier of quality graphics products – and we will be that company. Both of two companies you mentioned have expanded their business beyond graphics processors and their sizes reflect that, so when S3 Graphics and VIA are viewed together as an entity the relative of sizes of resources become quite different.

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