Kretsuppsättningen är precis densamma som på 650I SLI: C55 + MCP51. Enligt Nvidia ska moderkortet finns i butik inom en snar framtid. Priset ska enligt uppgift ligga en bra bit under priset för dagens Nforce 650I SLI.

The nTune release notes for version confirm the product's existence, and when we asked NVIDIA directly, they told us it will be available for roughly ~£50, so you should expect products to be available in the 70-80€ price range most likely. This is a fairly significant price cut compared to the 650i SLI, since that seems to retail for about 100 to 120€.

Nvidia lagt upp lite information om det nya moderkortet på deras informationssida för Nforce 600-serien:

NVIDIA nForce 650i Ultra MCPs deliver the performance digital media enthusiasts demand. Easily store and back up large volumes of priceless digital media with NVIDIA MediaShield storage technology. Overclock your system with easy-to-use tools to let you process digital media files faster. NVIDIA FirstPacket technology prioritizes your online gaming traffic and VoIP calls.

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