Listan innehåller både datorer, spelkonsoler, mjukvara, kameror och andra viktiga och intressanta produkter. Nittondeplatsen tillhör Id Softwares Doom och PC World kommenterar spelet på följande sätt:

If anti-video-game-violence crusader Jack Thompson is right, most of society's ills can probably be traced back to the watershed video game Doom, which launched the first-person-shooter genre into the stratosphere. A shareware offering, Doom spread rapidly upon release, and gamers thrilled to its (now primitive) 3D graphics and mod capabilities, which let you take on the role of designer and create your own levels. Purists may argue that we should have selected id's Wolfenstein 3D instead; but unlike Doom, it didn't let you wield a chainsaw--possibly the most iconic FPS weapon of all time.

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