[SOLVED] ASUS UL30VT Linux + nVidia driver


[SOLVED] ASUS UL30VT Linux + nVidia driver

Vet inte om det har nämnts här innan men jag vet att många blir glada av detta.
Detta funkade för mig och funkar säkert på de andra VT varianterna.


ok this is so dame simple, have been locking for a solution for months.

this is how you get g210m to work on ubuntu 9.10 / 10.04.

1. download and install nvidia drivers. (i have only tested the ones in the repos)

2. make sure you got an Xorg.conf that is correct. ( if not, run nvidia-xconfig )

3. reboot into bios (press delete while booting)

4. change the SATA option in the bios from enhanced to compatibility. ( yea, this makes sense? NOT! )

5. boot into linux and smile!

Anyone more then me who want to hit the people who wrote the bios?
running the latest bios. ends with 10.

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*tråd flyttad*