Nvidia uppdaterar Geforce RTX 3000-serien med Resizable BAR


According to Alex Deucher (AMDGPU maintainer):

> Smart Access Technology works just fine on Linux. It is resizeable BAR support which Linux has supported for years (AMD actually added support for this), but which is relatively new on windows. You just need a platform with enough MMIO space. On older systems this is enabled via sbios options with names like ">4GB MMIO".

> I don't know what windows does exactly, but on Linux at least, it will work on any platform with enough MMIO space. I suspect windows would behave the same way (although I think windows has stricter requirements about BAR resizing compared to Linux so you may need a sbios update for your platform to make windows happy).

Tack! Det ger alltså bättre prestanda när CPU behöver jobba direkt i VRAM. Inte när man skyfflar stora mängder data (som jag hade fattat det VRAM<->RAM eller VRAM<->Disk).