Nya erbjudanden i Komplett Geek Week

Got Rads?

Ett Core P5 bygge som jag gjorde inför Dreamhack Winter 2017. Tävlade där i casemod-championship i masterclassen.

Specs as i remember them:

MSI Carbon Gaming motherboard
Intel i7 5960x @ 4.6
32GB corsair LED ram
Nvidia EVGA 1080TI

Watercooling: Well as the pics show, a LOT.

480x60mm radiator, along with a 360x30 and finally a 240x60 added to make it complete.
Dual DDC's provided with plenty of circulation. EK's stuff was used for both GPU,CPU and reservoar
The goal of the build was to make my modding better and get something unique in the process. The quirky-loopy tubes for example. Unfortunately the Vue fluid did not hold up very well as the last pics shows.