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Power bi


I am trying to calculate an avrage for a column. I want to use the sumx since i need an avrage based on 2 questions: 

My current measure looks like this: 

test2 =

VAR summa_over_medelvarde = SUMX(
VALUES('team'[RespondID.RespondID Nivå 01]),
AVERAGEX ( 'team', 'team'[value] ),'team'[value])
var c1 = CALCULATE(
[utan filter]/2)

return IF([utan filter] = 0, c1, summa_over_medelvarde)

Above is the result i'm getting. 
What i want to achive is that if no filter is = 0, then take result/2

let me know if anything other is unclear!!! ‌‌ 


Will result always be 0 when no filter is 0?
You can’t divide 0 or is there something i’m missing?

It seems that your DAX is correct anyway


when No_filter has a 0 i want to take result / 2. I the column respond id you can see that one person has 2 answers.

maybe i have done it wrong, but for 2 seperate people i want to show that if one person has a value 0 in result, i want to divide the total for that person /2.