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DBP900 Rev.MA

Hello guys,

I was asked to build a stylish PC by be quiet! for the booth at the 2019 Computex exhibition. The base of this project was totally up to me, so I went ahead and used my favourite chassis, the Dark Base Pro 900 rev.2.

I decided that I wanted to strip the anodizing from the brushed aluminium, and paint the chassis white. I also wanted an accent colour but was not sure what to have. Once EKWB was interested in sponsoring this project with the newly released Quantum linup of products, I thought it would be a great fit to have orange as the colour in honour of EKWB colours.

Lots of mods where made to this chassis, such as stripping, brushing and clearcoating all aluminium panels, painting everything white, modding the inside motherboard tray to open up the chassis, ordering a new clear tempered glass panel so that we could see through the chassis, and creating all new aluminium panels to decorate the inside.

There are also chromed copper tubing used for the custom loop, custom cables which are provided by CableMod to my spec which are held in place by the CoolForce Nanoxia cablecombs. These combs are totally awesome btw.

I hope that you enjoy the gallery. This PC was a blast to build.

Finished project photos first, and then in no particular order are photos I took during the modding process.

Intel 9900k
ASUS Maximus XI Apex
ASUS RTX2070 Strix
Patriot 32GB (2x16GB) 3200mhz
Patriot VPN100 1TB M.2
be quiet! Dark Base Pro 900 Rev.2
be quiet! Straight Power 11 1000w
be quiet! Silent Wings 120mm x3
be quiet! Silent Wings 140mm x3
CableMod Custom Cables
Nanoxia CF Cable Combs
Custom water cooling by EKWB

Thank you for all of the support:
be quiet!

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Frida 🥐

Cant seem to figure out why i love orange and purple? Its lovely. Stylish as usual 5/5

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Skrivet av Zoyadog:

Cant seem to figure out why i love combo of orange and purple? Its lovely. Stylish as usual 5/5

Thank you, thank you!

I cannot get enough of purple, haha.


Aningen sen men åter igen - god damn SON är det något du kan så är det kabeldragning! Helt sjukt bygge, också som vanligt

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What a build!

i had the honor to see it in person at Dreamhack, also had a chat a cupple of times with MetallicAcid, giving my advice on how to do different things, What a guy! really really nice guy i must say!

Also, the build is even nicer!


Love the clean look of the tubing, less is more in this instance.

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Solklar femma min vän... vad annars? <3